Second Passphrase not working(PROBLEM SOLVED)

  • I threw a small amount of ARK into my account and I wanted to play with the features before I send my whole wad in.
    My problem is I turned on the second passphrase and affirmed it properly. But when I go to send money back to the exchange, it gives me an error.

    Here is what I’ve tried.

    1. When sending ARK I enter in my first Passphrase, and it takes me to the confirmation page, when I hit submit, It gives me an error that says "Missing sender second signature"
      2)When sending ARK I enter in my second Passphrase I get
      Error "Passphrase is not corresponding to account."
      3)When sending ARK I enter both Passphrase separated by a space and get
      Error “Passphrase is not corresponding to account.”

    Can somebody please clarify what I am doing wrong so I can feel comfortable taking the rest of my ARK off the Exchange?

    Much Appreciated.

  • You’re sure both passphrases are correct?
    Did you try to change 1st phrase with 2nd phrase?

  • Yes. I’ve tried both passphrase a handful of times. I’ve even tried them together as 1 big passphrase separated by a space. And still It gives me errors.

    And Yes My Passphrase’s are both correct. During the Passphrase Verification process I copied and pasted Both Passphrase’s into the verification tab and into a word document at the exact same time. It would not have confirmed the second and first passphrase if I had gotten a single letter or space wrong.

  • @Dr10
    So I’ve tried a bunch of different things and it’s still not letting me send my money. Is there a way I can take the second pass phrase off? Is there an email for any developers or support techs that might be able to let me know what I’m doing wrong?

  • Problem Solved. I just had to reboot my computer and wait awhile.

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