forrest_pool -- 85% sharing -- min vote 20k -- High Payouts -- Daily 7 ARK / 20k vote

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    Introduction :
    Hello Ark World,
    I’m in my twenties and I spend most of my free time on things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
    I got intrigued with the crypto world in July 2013 and has been very interesting ride so far.
    I’ve tried my hand in staking various alt-coins and also learned a lot about trading and investing in the past 3-4 yrs.

    I was a ARK Testnet participant for initial 2-3 months and after that have been a lurker on Ark slack and Ark project activity.
    In Ark Mainnet my delegate name is forrest_pool and I plan to share 85% of forged rewards with voters.

    My Skills :
    I’ve more than a year’s experience with forging nodes & pools and possess good understanding of running nodes with high security
    & high availability making use of my knowledge of Linux and server admin. Also I’m active and available to mitigate any issues that may arise.

    My Proposal :
    The intent is to maximise the profits by taking only so much votes to ensure delegate stays around rank 25-35.
    So currently I plan to accumulate around 985k voting weight from potential voters. The minimum voting weight would be 20k.

    Once the target of 985k is reached, rest of the potential voters would be maintained in a standby list who would get preference to enter
    the pool when there is a need to increase voting weight to keep the forging position secure or when an existing voter decides to leave
    or sell his coins.

    Payouts would be done once per week. If needed it can be done twice per week. Pool site would go live when I begin forging.
    Payout estimate examples :

    • Voting with 20k gives approx 7 ARK per day, 50 per week, 215 per month.
    • Voting with 50k gives approx 18 ARK per day, 126 per week, 539 per month.
    • Voting with 100k gives approx 36 ARK per day, 252 per week, 1078 per month.

    If interested please contact forrest on Ark Slack or send a pm here.
    Request you to please contact me before voting, so I can manage & let you know when I’ve enough voters to begin forging.

    My Network Setup :
    I’ll setup three servers to ensure high productivity - 1 Main, 1 Backup and a management server.
    I would be using Vultr VPS for servers in the beginning and move onto dedicated serves when needed in future.
    Servers would be secured by SSH key, have SSL & DDoS protection.

    Ending statement :
    I believe the primary responsibility of a delegate is to secure the network by keeping his node as much green/active
    as possible and be quick to upgrade to new versions and patch fixes. I would be doing this as an ARK delegate.

    My delegate name is forrest_pool and would be grateful to receive your valuable votes. Thanks for your support.

    Contact Info :

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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