Delegate Philad Team : 70% sharing voters (+5% to ACF if possible) - French blog project dedicated to ARK Ecosystem

  • Hello Everybody !

    Philad is a team of french guys. :flag_fr:

    About Phil : :nerd:
    The first is Phil, he is in charge of the node and all technical questions.
    He has 30 years of background in IT, networks, security and telecommunications.
    He began his career in the Paris region where he worked for about 15 years as a system engineer at Cray Research, the world leader in scientific supercomputers (main customers : CEA, EDF, PSA, Renault, Meteo-France, etc.).
    The last 15 years, spent in Switzerland, were dedicated to Broadband and Security issues.
    Recently, he created a silo data encryption for the Swiss banking world.

    About Arnaud : :innocent:
    The second is Arnaud, he is the blog writer.
    He is passionate about IT. It ensures a technological watch by focusing on possible concrete applications of IT in everyday life. That’s how he became interested in Blockchain technology.
    For the radio program “Jura des Entreprises” :radio: , which he co-produced and co-presented on a local radio station, he had the opportunity to record a program devoted to ARK, through Fixcrypt’s testimony :necktie: :microphone2:
    Since then, he has decided to get involved in this project. He is currently working on the finalization of the creation of the legal entity of ARK that will lay the first bridge between ARK “Technology” and the real world. At the same time, because the deployment of the Blockchain in everyday life requires a pedagogical and popularization work, he decided to dedicate a French blog to ARK Ecosystem.

    In order to talk concretely about this Blockchain technology, he thinks that intervening as an active Delegate should enable him to understand the subject under study !

    Because of complementarity of these two protagonists, Philad Team will be at the same time a technical delegate proposing a fully operational node and one of the french speaking communication support of ARK Ecosystem.

    We run 2 nodes. The 1st one is using DigitalOcean. It is running Philad delegate, the second is a relay node that will be used as backup when needed. This 2nd node runs on a dedicated VM on a VMware Vsphere that Phil manages at home.

    Philad Node config info :computer:
    Ubuntu 16.04.3 x64
    2 GB Memory
    40 GB Disk

    Philad Team would share 70% of the earned ARK and would like to give 5% more to the ACF.

    The remaining will be used for server charges and for supporting the French Blog Project.

    Thanks for your attention !
    :thumbsup_tone1: :pray_tone1:

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