Delegate mvmaasakkers - Profit sharing pool 80% - Backend dev

  • Introduction

    My name is mvmaasakkers and I want to share my Delegate Proposal. I’m not so good at writing this kind of stuff so sorry in advance for the probably boring post.

    I’m an 34 year old experienced backend dev and I am very interested in the ARK community and technology. To understand better on how ARK works I wanted to become a delegate as well, and hopefully this enables me to invest in this platform in one way or another.

    My Skills

    I have over 15 years of experience as a Linux Admin and backend developer (currently working mostly in Go). At the moment I’m using gRPC/Proto3 a lot (which is supercool btw…). I hope to be able to help improve the ARK go client.

    I have written a blog post about integration testing with mongodb support in go some time ago: here

    My network setup

    I’m running on a Google Cloud Platform VPS but will see to upgrade once applicable.
    8 GB Memory
    8 Core Processor
    50 GB SSD DISK

    My proposal

    I hope to be able to work on the ark codebases and help lift this platform to another level.

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