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  • Announcement

    We will switch the minimum payout to 0.5 ARK instead of the current 1 ARK. Fees will still be covered from the delegate. We are going this step to give our smaller voters a faster profit.

    Future plans right now

    Minimum payout to 0 ARK: In the next core update the fees will be reduced. When this happens we set the minimum payout to 0 ARK and still covering all fees.

    Account system: We’re developing a account system for our voters right now. You’ll not be forced to use it! In the account system you’ll be allowed to set custom payout rules like use another address for payouts or set a custom payout interval and many more.

  • Announcement: 90% profit share!

    We have updated the profit share to 90% for our voters.

    90% voter share
    2% will be used for cost coverage
    8% will be used for development

    Thanks for your support!

  • Information

    In the last days we had two times forging problems during the night. To secure a stable forging we’ve setup 3 relay nodes and one master node. Right now we’re developing the system to easily switch between the relays when the currently forging relay have problems. With that system we want secure a stable setup and no more forging problems that last long.

    We’ve covered all missed blocks that we didn’t forged in that time by ourself. That means your profit aren’t affected and you should get your normal profit share.

    Cover 1:
    Cover 2:

    We will make an announcment with more technical details about the setup when we’ve finished it and tested it fully on devnet with the same setup.

    We want to thank all of our voters for their loyality! We’re planning something special for december right now. We will announce that after we’ve fixed the forging issues we faced the last days.

  • Important Information


    Unfortunately someone got access to my server/nodes and stole my passphrase. Sadly I didn’t create the second passphrase to send you the rest profit you deserve.

    I can’t reverse what happened and lost the trust of my voters. I’ll retire of being an active delegate. I’ve turned my nodes down. Please switch your votes fast to not give this scammer more ARK.

    The hacker send all rest ARKs to this address:

    I’ve a good knowledge in hosting server with many years experience. I’ll get in contact with my provider and try to figure out how he got access to the server.

    I’m really sorry for the small voters. Can’t really afford enough to give everyone 2 ARKS for that vote change. But when you’re one of my voters with a small amount get in contact with me. Will try to help you out!

    I’d like to say thanks to my voters that they believed in me. I’m really sorry what happens and want to apologize.

    Best regards

  • So how long back did we lose?

  • Hey @cobjones,

    “only” the profit for today.

  • @reConNico

    It’s no big deal on my end. Hope you get everything figured out.

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