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  • Hey, how long does it take for my balance to show in my arkx pool account?

  • That depends on multiple factors.

    1. How much ARK you own, which directly influences how much you earn per day.
    2. If your disbursement frequency is set to daily we don’t cover fees so you will have to earn more then 0.1 ARK before your balance rises above 0. For small wallet holders we recommend to use weekly payouts to not miss out on 0.1 ARK transaction fee.
    3. For the first 72 hours after your vote a pool hopper guard is active as mentioned in the proposal which only rewards 25% instead of 95% which can cause you to take some time to earn enough to be able to show up in the dashboard if you hold a very small amount of ARK.

  • @faustbrian Thanks, waited another day and it is showing now

  • Deployed some visual adjustments and fixes.

    Thanks for the support!

  • Looking for more voters. Thanks for your support!

  • Deployed some server-side performance improvements. Thanks for your support!

  • is there any issues? why i din’t received any profit sharing after 28/9/2017? i have around 300 Ark.

  • Please contact support through the website or send a DM on the forum with your address otherwise I will have to guess which address is yours from hundreds of thousands of wallets in the wild.

  • I had some 200+ ARK in my ArkX Balance until a few hours ago. Now the Balance shows zero Arks. No disbursements so far.

    I shall send you a DM with my address. Please check and do the needful.

  • Currently out of the Top 51. Looking for more voters!

  • Just for the record:

    I DM-ed Brian with my address and got the above issue sorted out. My Balance was sent without issues.
    I am sticking around on the ArKX pool, because the interface is great, detailed stats, charts and all…

  • Still looking for 150k votes to get back to forging!

  • Back to forging now at rank 18.

    Thanks for your support!

  • We started working on v2 of which will be more compact, grant access to certain information without signing up and more!

  • Looking for more voters to stay in the top 51!

  • Will be semi-unavailable today so any replies to e-mails might be delayed till tomorrow.

  • A short update of what is coming within the next few weeks.

    • New Website
      • More focus on data
      • Request your current balance and vote weight via a search form if you haven’t signed up
      • Leaner & Cleaner UI with much less clutter
      • Two-Factor Authentication
      • Realtime Block Rewards

    Additionally the pool will be capped at 1.6 Million Votes once the new website and system go online. This number might be increased or decreased depending on how many votes are required to stay in the Top 51 to be able to forge.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  • Will be working on the last UI changes and performance improvements for the back-end this weekend and then deploy the new system next week.

  • The new UI has been completed and the back-end is undergoing some last testing right now.

    Also here are some informations about the new Realtime Block Rewards.

    Currently we are awarding ARK to a voter by looking back in time to when they have received their last disbursement and multiply the reward based on the hours since their last disbursement. This works fine but has the potential for miscalculations if something is wrong with the last disbursement date or any problems of that nature.

    This hasn’t occurred yet but to make the system more robust and future proof through the things we have learned in the past weeks we will be introducing Realtime Block Rewards in the upcoming week.

    With ARK we forge a new Block every 6 minutes which rewards 2 ARK as long as we are in the Top 51. What this means is that with the new Realtime Block Rewards we will calculate your vote weight and hold it against the 2 ARK to get your share of the newly forged block. This is the most accurate way to calculate your reward as it is applied to each block and doesn’t require any back-tracking in time.

    We will check for newly forged blocks every 10 minutes and calculate rewards every 15 minutes.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  • We will deploy the new system now. We expect a downtime of 1 hour.

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