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  • The new system has been deployed and seems to be running just fine, of course we will continue to monitor. Visit to see and use the new site.

    On another note, we will observe the Top 51 this week and decide next week at what value we will cap the pool. This means that from next week on the pool will be capped at a certain value which will shut down the registration and not allow any new voters unless we drop below the specified threshold.

    We are taking this step to stabilize our position in the Top 51 and prevent further dilution for all of our voters.

    The Realtime Block Rewards are now active and running. Your balance can slightly differ from what it used to be as the new system is much more precise as your share is calculated for each block.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  • Fixed some small issues that popped up regarding e-mail transfer which caused an interruption for the support form.

  • The caching service died during night so the dashboard overview and metrics might have been not working at all or showing weird numbers, that issue has been resolved.

    We’ve also added a none option for notifications so that you don’t receive any e-mails if you don’t wish to if you receive a new disbursement. It will only create on-site notifications by choosing none as your preferred driver.

  • On Monday we will close the registration which means we no-longer accept new voters for the moment. This will guarantee stable payouts for the future until more votes are required to stay in the Top 51.

  • Looking for new voters as we just dropped out!

  • Back to forging, looks like one voter just moved to a new address.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  • The Registration has been closed for now which means we currently do not accept new voters. This step has been taken to guarantee stable payouts for all current voters for the near future.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  • We now maintain to provide better uptimes for all delegates.

  • Registration has been opened again as we have multiple big voters that change their wallets every few days but vote for arkX again so that they can sign up.

  • The vote pool is now hard-capped at 1,600,000 ARK which is handled like ($totalVotes + $userVote <= 1600000) to only accept a new voter if his vote won’t exceed the 1,600,000 ARK cap.

  • Hi,

    I just voted, how do the payouts work? Do you need to permit me to receive payout?


  • As I explained in the proposal you will receive payouts every 24 hours after your vote by default.

  • Deployed some visual adjustments.

  • We now maintain to provide an easy way for delegates to setup snapshot nodes and in addition to that we now provide a snapshot server of our own in case the official server goes down.

  • A Voter moved a chunk of ARK so we dropped out. Looking for 50k votes.

  • Back to forging.

  • Looking for 100k Votes.

  • Back to forging.

  • We are looking for 100k Votes to strengthen our position in the Top 51.

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