Dutchdelegate - 95% payout - public pool - community contributors/promoting Ark

  • Hey @Toicours

    Thanks for voting for us. First payout will be on the 16th. We will pay out every saturday untill our custom scripts are done. We will let you know more about that.

  • hey guys~ i’m a newbie in ark but just voted for you guys.
    good luck!

  • Didn’t receive payout on Saturday. Guessing account balance is too low to justify the fees?
    (Address: AUguua9vrZSbmt8pquxiNiMhFqqMcWZ3UV) If this is the case, you are holding my earnings until what minimum payout?

  • how can i vote for you?

  • This is my first time voting, I voted for you but I used my nano S Ledger. Was just wondering how payouts worked for them. Do I automatically get the deposit next time I plug my wallet in?

  • @bpeterson47 Hey, thanks for voting for us, we appreciate it! When you have your Ark on the ledger, you can still vote (as you have done already). Payouts work similar, so you will get payed automatically even when you do not plug in your ledger.

  • @suchak Hey, sorry for the late response. Payout is indeed saved for next week if your balance is lower than 0.1 Ark.

  • Wat leuk om een nederlandse ‘delegate’ te hebben! Ik heb zojuist op jullie gestemd, is er verder nog iets wat ik moet doen?

  • @bas92 Hey Bas. Mooi om te horen dat je op ons gestemd hebt! Wij zullen de payment komende zaterdag uitvoeren, verder hoef je dus niets te doen.

  • @DutchDelegate thank you so much!

  • @DutchDelegate okee top, succes verder!

  • Hey, first time voter here. First of all, thanks for the work you are doing.
    I have voted on the 15. of September but have not yet received a payout. Is my account balance too low, and if yes, what is the threshold you propose? (Address: ATgmDV7tkw8uPzNkatASDpzcrcU9n8yPqd)

  • @Winter Hey,
    So in the script that we used for the first two payouts there was a minimum payout threshold of 0.1 Ark. If you did not garner that in a week, your balance would have rolled over in the next week. This saturday we are switching to our custom script. We are still deciding on the minimum (as we cover the tx fees and don’t want to waste 0.1 Ark on a 0.0001 Ark pay out). Your balance from the first two weeks is accurately rolled over when we transition to the custom script. Just checked your account as well and you should definitely receive a payout this saturday. If not make sure to send me a message in Slack @Charles and I will do it manually.



  • Any status updates for the web application?

  • I voted for you a couple weeks ago. Been good so far. My ledger has just shipped and I expect to get it soon and I want to transfer my ARK to it. Is there any way I can keep my early adopter status when I vote from my ledger?

  • Hi guys, a small update from dutchdelegate. We will payout tomorrow! Hopefully our own script will be ready by then. Otherwise, we will use the old script one more time. Furthermore, we want to deploy our beta version of the website this sunday @BlackXantus . Exciting times for us! We will keep you all posted this weekend about our progress, followed by a complete update blog (make sure to check out https://medium.com/@Dutch_Delegate/latest). If you have any questions regarding this topic or anything else. Please feel free to contact @rhmral, @Rudy (DutchDelegate) or @Charles (dutchdelegate). Cheers, dutchdelegate team

  • Hey there - thanks for your efforts and your work! I voted for u guys on the 17th of September this year. Until now, I haven’t received any payouts. When I started, I think I had too few Arks for any payouts - but now, as I have accumulated quite a few Arks, I thought this may not be the case anymore. Thanks a lot and kind regards!

  • @danu2727 Hey Danu, thanks for your vote, we appreciate it. Concerning the payout, we had some logistical problems with the payout, resulting in first week’s saved wallets not taken into account for the second week payout. This will all be resolved with our own payout script as it will look when your last payout was. If you haven’t received anything by tomorrow please send us a message on slack @rudy, @charles, @rhmral as we are more responsive there.

  • Hey, any news about the web application ?

  • @crypthunder Hey! We decided we would not deploy the website as our payscript is not done yet. The website allows you guys to set the payout frequency, which automatically communicates this with the payout script. Since the script didn’t function as we wanted there was no reason to launch the website. We are trying to get the script up and running as fast and accurate as possible and thereafter deploy the website. We will let you know via slack or medium ( https://medium.com/@Dutch_Delegate/latest) when it is done.

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