Dutchdelegate - 95% payout - public pool - community contributors/promoting Ark

  • @danu2727 Hey Danu, thanks for your vote, we appreciate it. Concerning the payout, we had some logistical problems with the payout, resulting in first week’s saved wallets not taken into account for the second week payout. This will all be resolved with our own payout script as it will look when your last payout was. If you haven’t received anything by tomorrow please send us a message on slack @rudy, @charles, @rhmral as we are more responsive there.

  • Hey, any news about the web application ?

  • @crypthunder Hey! We decided we would not deploy the website as our payscript is not done yet. The website allows you guys to set the payout frequency, which automatically communicates this with the payout script. Since the script didn’t function as we wanted there was no reason to launch the website. We are trying to get the script up and running as fast and accurate as possible and thereafter deploy the website. We will let you know via slack or medium ( https://medium.com/@Dutch_Delegate/latest) when it is done.

  • We wanted to give you an update on the payout script. Charles has been working hard and preliminary results came out to be good. He is starting to write unit tests now, so we can be absolutely sure that it works as we intend. Also, the website is done but since the payout frequency on the website only works with a working payout script, we decided to not launch it yet.

    Furthermore we want to thank you all for your votes, we appreciate it!


  • This post is deleted!

  • New ARK owner here and think this seems very interesting but still have some questions.
    What is the current pay out for voters?
    As I am new to owning Ark and I only have a small amount < 100 ARK. Is it even worth for me to vote when it costs 1 ARK?
    Do I need to notify you (Dutchdelegate) when I start voting to get any rewards or does it happen automatically?


  • Moet ik me registreren nadat ik mijn stem heb uitgebracht?

  • Dutchdelegate update 5 is here! Read it now: https://medium.com/@Dutch_Delegate/update-5-milestones-milestones-everywhere-53bbc81de03a
    ~ Dutchdelegate team

  • @woutertveenstra Sorry voor het late bericht, we zijn hier niet zo actief als op slack/reddit. Dit hoeft niet persé, maar kan wel. Zie de post hieronder voor meer informatie over onze website

  • @Ebenezar64 Sorry for the late response, we are not that active on this forum as we are on slack/reddit. Approximation of the weekly reward can be seen here: http://calculator.reconnico.com/. It is worth it to vote, but maybe you want to wait for the fee reduction (no date given, so could also take 2 more months). Payouts will be conducted automatically, so there is no need to notify us.

  • Updated proposal for January!
    ~ Dutchdelegate

  • Voted for you!

  • Hallo Charles. Succes met ACF!

  • Hello :smile:

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