Passphrase Error

  • Hi guys,

    Super unhappy here. The passphrase the wallet gave me when I created the app is not working with the wallet address it created. This is not my first Rodeo with wallets and I can assure you I have the EXACT passphrase. My funds are now however stuck in that wallet.

  • I ended up rebooting my PC…
    My wallet is now no longer showing the address I created with my funds in. Trying to restore the wallet also doesn’t yield the address that was tied to the passphrase the client gave me. I have to assume the Mac OS client is messed up.

  • Hello RevnLucky7,

    Sorry to hear that you have an issue.

    It could only be a typo error, have you double check if you don’t copy/pasta any spacebar at the begining or at the end of the passphrase?
    Have you write it down or did you copy paste the passphrase during the setup of the wallet?

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