| >> criptodogg << | PROPOSAL // TBW // 96% PROFIT SHARE // 1 ARK MIN PAYOUT


    criptopupp Delegate
    Provider: VULTR
    CPU: 2
    RAM: 4GB
    DISK: 60GB SSD
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    Location: Sydney
    Network Speed: 350 Mb/s
    Availability: 99.99% Uptime
    Scalability: Upgrade on demand 24/7 Support


    Voters: 98% profits shared among my loyal Doggs
    Reserve: 1% to cover various expenses (tx fees, website etc.)
    Costs: 1% to cover VPS costs/scaling
    Min Payout: 0.00 ARK (NO MINIMUM!!!)
    Grace Period: 6 Hours
    Fidelity active: 24hr MAX Fidelity
    Payments will start when forging begins

  • Had a bit of spare time on my hands last night and ended up repurposing a domain that I never got time to use.

    The Delirium Cryptowear

    Have set up a code just for arkies.


  • New products added.


    ARKIES20 will still get you 20% off on everything.

    Website is taking a little longer than originally expected but it is definitely coming along! Shouldn’t be too much longer until we can go live.
    When we go live I will make a few little changes to the profit sharing scheme too ;)

    - dogg

  • Update:

    We are back over 99% Node Productivity xD

    Some DLRM gear is in.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Please excuse the mess. I had just woken up when the package arrived on a SUNDAY?!?! :O

    ARKIES20 will still get you 20% off

    Node/Pot Website: Taking a bit longer than expected but dev is still working on it. Hopefully have an update from him soon.
    True Block Weight payment and profit sharing updates will come with new website ;)

    Hope everyone is well!



  • Discount code for DLRM is still active.

    Node/Jackpot website and profit sharing revisions are still on the way. Website has just taken a little longer than expected and isn’t really something I have any control over.

  • Shieeeet we been knocked out. Sitting at rank 52. Looking for 320+ ARK to continue forging. WHERE MY DOGGS AT?!?!

  • Here’s a little preview of what is in the works. Waiting on dev to get back to me ;)

    alt text

  • Seeing as the website has taken much longer than the ETA that was originally quoted to me, I have bumped up PROFIT SHARE to 96% as I was planning to do this anyway. MERRY XMAS ARKIES.

    - dogg

  • Had some downtime overnight while I was asleep, have switched to backup node for now while I monitor main node.

    Apologies to voters. I’ll get this sorted ASAP.

    Good news is we have an update from my dev.

    alt text

    - dogg

  • Update: Dev is just making sure everything is up to scratch with the website. Thinking I’ll hold off until very early Jan 18 and make sure everything is functioning properly. Start the year with a bang.

    98% Xmas profit share until we release the website. A little present for anyone that reads this.

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a big 2018. This community has been amazing and I am looking forward to being part of it seeing it grow even stronger in 2018.

    Take care over the festive season Arkies!

    - dogg

  • Need 10K+ ARK to continue forging. Website almost ready just running over security to make sure all funds are safe and sound.


    - dogg

  • TRUE BLOCK WEIGHT has now been implemented. (Thanks Goose)

    Profit share in original post has been updated to reflect the new changes.

    - dogg

  • Hi everyone,

    An update on the current situation: https://www.reddit.com/r/ArkDelegates/comments/823o1a/where_the_hell_is_criptodogg/

    Cheers <3

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