Just need a direction - How to start on profit share plan on a node?

  • Hey, first post here - Just started reading on the delegation etc. Setup a node seems to be covered very well and looks super easy.
    I saw some proposals from people who stated they have no development/programming background… But how did they get the scripts working to share the profits and set the intervals? Where are the docs? Is this configurable for the node? Do I need to implement it completely from scratch? help

  • Ok, am I right, that there is no shared base script or something and this has to be created from scratch?

    I.e. writing a small script in the language of my choice, using the library to access the node API, like fetching all voters and decide who to send their share, which shouldn’t be rocket science…

    But still, how do I reset the balance of a voter after I made the transaction? Is it withdrawn “automatically” when the blockchain has a transaction between a delegate and a voter?

    Totally confused. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hey @klaus ,

    there is a payment script for the guys who aren’t very comfortable with programming: https://github.com/kristjank/ark-go

    Otherwise you should join slack: https://ark.io/slack/ and ask your questions in these channels: #delegate or #help.

  • @reConNico Hey! Thank you very much for your answer. I also tried to go through Github on myself and found the python lib “arky” which seems to have similar func but man! Looked into the go implementation and wow - blown away! This is exactly what I was looking for. (And btw Kudos to all who “aren’t very comfortable with programming” and getting this to work.)

    Thanks! Ark is love!

    Disclaimer: A bit drunk right now - It’s saturday night here!

  • Hey @klaus .

    Glad that I could help you. No problem. Drink one for me! :)

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