NEW Delegate sharkark - 100% Payout first 2 weeks + ARK Giveaways

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    This Delegate designed to be SIMPLE. We (Twins) will keep this short. We have been in the software development and IT business (With small businesses and fortune 50 companies) for over 10 years and have come to realize SIMPLE is the key. We have all kinds of development and project management experience ranging from small implementations to multi-million dollar implementations (largest being a custom mobile GIS field worker software with integration to a co-implementation of SAP). ARK Blockchain is our next venture and we believe this technology will change the industry for the better.

    Payouts - Once a week starting as soon as we start forging (Our payout app is complete now). (hopefully) on 10/9/2017. The first 2 weeks will be 100% payout and after that it will be 90% (SIMPLE).

    ARK Giveaways - We will conduct these at the end of each month (Can be bi-weekly depending on the interest). The number of ARK to be given away will be posted (most likely here) 1 week before the giveaway. The first giveaway will happen on 10/31 and will be a Random drawing from all the ARK voters. We welcome any suggestions for future giveaways but it will be SIMPLE (game or drawing type).

    We are working on a payout and delegate browser application. This will give ARK users easy access to other Delegates and make it easier to payout users.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions:
    Slack: @Sharkark_a

    Thanks and consider voting for sharkark

    Please see updates comments below.

  • We will be posting a version of our app on GitHub soon. Stay tuned

  • like to see what you guys can do. hope it works out. voted for now.

  • Cannot contact you guys on Slack. I’d like more info, but your username doesn’t exist are you sure you wrote it OK?

  • @Yono Yes-We just joined the workspace.

  • We have created the first version of the payout tool. It is a WPF application using the ark-net library ( We will turn this into a scheduled task once we know the application is able to handle the payouts. We don’t think there is a need to over complicate the process by having voters signup for a website in order to be paid. This is supposed to be a simple distribution process.

    There is a .1 fee for each transaction. In order to minimize fees and maximize distributions we decided to pay out once per week. Below is the sample formula being used to determine the shares.


    (1000/1,244,408)*(2954-(.1 * 20)) = 2.372212 ark per week

    Note: Example is based on 422 ark generated per day for 7 days and the 51st delegate

    If you want screenshots or more information message us on slack.

  • You can find our tool on GitHub at This tool can be used as an example application for other ark community members looking to become a delegate.

  • Thanks for the votes everyone! We are currently rebuilding the server with a different Linux distro. Should be forging as soon as the chain syncs. Restoring the current snapshot. Be patient and you will be paid!

  • We are up and forging!

  • Any delegate want to offer me a custom payout. I hold 105k ark. thanks

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