ARK Private Keys - how do I find mine?

  • How do I find the private key related to my ARK wallet? I can only see the public address.

    I DO have my passphrase stored safely on paper, but do not recall being given my private key when creating the “account”.

    Is there any way to retrieve my private key for safe-keeping?


  • Hello Donatod,

    To get into your wallet your need to type your passphrase on the ARK Wallet.
    However, everytime you want to sent ARK to a different wallet, you need to confirm your passphrase.


  • Thank you - but this does not answer my question as to how to find the private key to the wallet.
    Can anyone help?

  • So what do you mean by private keys?

    There is only: Passphrase or wallet address or public key.

    When you create an account you only have to stored your passphrase that’s it (Which is your private key).

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