ARKSHIP - 90% Sharing // Payout every 24h

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    REGISTRATION as of 1st of February 2018 is actually closed, new voter will not be rewarded.

    My name is Marc, i’m 30 years old, I’m French but i live in the Netherlands for almost a decade, you can find me on the Slack channel @pimoussefrnl. I’m running a different VPS/Dedicated server for the last 7 years, my real daily job consists in two tasks, analyze logs and solved issue from our Linux platform but also cleanup the network setup from our clients.

    You should have a question like, why should I run a delegate as there is already a lot of choices?
    Well, I believe that DPOS System will be the future in the cryptocurrency, this is the main reason why I want to contribute ARK to be successful.

    I try to find a good balance between the benefits for the voters and be a part of the community with this project. This is also why I have 3 VPS available for DevNet, more resources will be needed in the coming weeks or months, I encourage as much as people to run a DevNet (I can also help you if needed).


    Voters: 90% profits
    Costs/reserve: 5% not limited to: maintenance, servers, …
    Personal: 5% for me (time consuming + maintenance) it’s a fair %.
    Payout: every 24 hours (Time not fixed to avoid pool jumper)
    Min. payout: 2 Ark
    Min time/fidelity: 24 hours


    • CPU: 4x CPU @3.2 GHz
    • RAM: 32GB
    • STORAGE: SoftRaid 3x120GB SSD
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server
    • BANDWIDTH: 250 Mbit/s
    • SECURITY: payouts are not made from the server
    • BACKUP1: OVH VPS3 / 2vCPU / 8 GB Ram
    • BACKUP2: @Home / 32 Go RAM / 500 Mbit Up/Down

    Delegate name: ARKSHIP

    How to Vote Un-vote? : Click Here!

    Payout will be done with Ark-Go, you can find them in slack #go

    If you believe in this project then vote for this pool, you will also contribute to help ARK to grow up and be successful! donations will be made by myself to a certain projects or funds.

    I’m always open for any suggestions, if you have any offer or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.
    You can find me on Slack @pimoussefrnl or by email:

    I wish the best for this pool! May the force be with us :)

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  • ARKSHIP is officially forging since 20th of September

    We have already processed two payouts and we would like to thank you for your trust.

    Slack: @pimoussefrnl

  • Update 15 october:

    Payout is now setup with a minimum of 0.1 Ark.

    The server has been migrated sucessfully (You can have a look at the specs updated on the first post).
    Arkship has forged already more than 10.000 Ark (247 payouts), we are looking for new voters to reach a better position in the rank.
    You can always slack me " @pimoussefrnl - ARKSHIP " if you have any questions or issue.

    PS: Your vote will be refund (1 Ark) after a new round of 24h, please contact me on Slack or send an email at with your ARK Address.

    ARKSHIP from explorer:

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