gh26-Delegate proposal 85% voters, 5% bonus&loyalty for voting me, 10% cost&saving

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m woongab( My name in ark community is gh26 ) and I’m from korea. I went to korea university, one of the most famous university in korea. I’m a one of korean blockchain enthusiast. Started at April, I have been reading about crypto information every time and I believe the value of the blockchain which will be the next wave to the industry. Also, I love the smartbridge technology which is one of the most prosperous thing of the ARK platform. I’m writing this article as I’d love to be a part of the 51 delegates to help secure the network. In my university, I have learned about programming, So it’s possible for me to maintain or host the server, and I hope to do this by your support with a forging ARK server too.

    My node;
    Provider - OVH Dedicated Server
    CPU: I5
    RAM: 8GB
    DISKS: 1TB
    Operating System: Ubuntu
    Backup Server will be purchased after there is enough people to support me.

    There is many delegates already in ark system. So, I will suggest something attractive to you guys. As ark becomes bigger there is many people who have huge amount of ark. Therefore, I just decided to accept who has more than 10,000. Also, there will be bonus top 5 who supported me at first with a lot of ark like over 40,000. The thing below will be my proposal detail.

    Proposal detail
    85% profit shares
    5% bonus for top 5 at first & Loyalty for joining my pool
    10% my personal share&saving

    As I think At least 1,200,000 votes is required, I will collect people until 1,200,000 ark and make a waiting list who want to join my pool. I think this will help you guys maximize your profit. If I need more people to be in top 51, I will contact to people who are in waiting list. Payment will be made every 48hours and All fee will be covered by me.

    If you’re interested in joining my community, please email me at or I hope you guys to be with me in this community

    안녕하세요 ark delegate가 되려고 하는 한국인입니다. 저를 처음에 지지해주시는 분들 TOP5와 제게 오래 맞겨 주신 분들께는 지속적인 보너스도 지급하려고 합니다. 관심있는 분들은 카카오톡 에서 문의해주세요~

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