Delegate - Goose - 90% Share

  • Payments have continued to flow…and voters fees paid. Enjoy!

  • Daily payments continue to be processed as usual. Still looking for more voters! If your wallet is less than 10k pm me or dm me on slack to have your vote cost reimbursed

  • Thanks for all my delegates for supporting me this first month (almost)! I’d like to announce some small changes going forward…

    First and most exciting I’d like to announce a 1 month anniversary promotion that I will be running starting October 15, 2017 and will run for 4 weeks. All my voters (and new ones) will be eligible for a weekly raffle for a random voter (raffle results will be recorded and posted in delegate channel). Details are as follows

    Week 1 (10/15 - 10/21) - 5 ARK prize
    Week 2 (10/22 - 10/28) - 5 ARK prize
    Week 3 (10/29 - 11/4) - 10 ARK prize
    Week 4 (11/5 - 11/11) - 20 ARK prize

    RULES: To be eligible for the drawing you need to have been an active voter as of the beginning of that prize week with the exception of the final week which is for long term loyal voters who have voted for at least 3 weeks.

    Secondly, I am discontinuing my DevNet fund and will be announcing an new initiative SOON for what the 2% contribution will go towards so I’m very excited about that.

    Finally I am opening my pool up to all voters (no voter limit). One possible impact that will have is that once I hit 50+ voters I will go to payments every 2 day to manage fees however that should be very short term if it happens and will revert to daily or 2x daily payments once the new mainnet upgrade is released.

  • Just got bumped out of the top 51…need about 2k additional votes to get back in…would appreciate any additional voters support!

  • Back in! Thanks for voting for me!

  • Weekly raffle entry for week 1 closes on Monday. Get your votes in to be eligible now!
    Last day to get your vote in for the weekly raffle…

  • Congratulations to my week 1 raffle winner - ARK address AWAsQSqiRq8YMcGX4Lw8hgZffZQ1QgKWNB
    Payment tx - 8519e185490e66396f961571bc793938e4ed6180f2f5775cc41b47b78164c1b0

    Raffle winner was selected using randompicker

    There is still time to get into the week 2 drawing - 4 more hours until the eligibility closes!

  • As a 1 month thank you to my voters, today’s share rate was 98% (effectively 100% net of tx fees)!
    Thanks for supporting my delegate!

  • Congratulations to my week 2 raffle winner - ARK address AKMHSHctfu17kZRdQi97QiQ5DHoe8gYXmP

    Payment tx - aa178c539f2cd4c2bc50c8d4313dd2682e69ddb5101d3f27f97893e4aa1a7346

    Raffle winner was selected using randompicker

    There is still time to get into the week 3 and week 4 month end drawing - 8 more hours until the eligibility closes!

  • Looking for 200-300k more voter weight to get in a safer spot. Am currently at #51 so I have the best return rate given share % and voting weight. Vote to keep goose from getting cooked!

  • Back in to a more comfortable spot at #21! Thanks to all my voters! Daily payments continue to happen without issue

  • 1 more day and I will announce the 3rd and 4th week raffle winners! Thanks to all my loyal voters!

  • Congratulations to my week 3 raffle winner
    ARK address - Ad61JhUiNDEndtemVAcnznVuR2omcy5VY2
    Payment tx - 7289f9a08c845e51cc63930b9b4ea2648b41d344a0e5b3d565536fd0ba0eb48a


    Week 4 / month end raffle winner
    ARK address - ATsEcCjHdUDABq8RPjfwNSR2gYtH83Bhka
    Payment tx - d574bf51be4d67881aca5f3fa77509be198cbbeed611184e08e958de5712d437

    Both raffle winners were selected using randompicker (week 3) (week 4)

  • Payments continue to go out daily! Thanks to all my voters. I’m currently working on getting true block weight to allow an even fairer distribution of share to my voters.

  • Hello voters! I’m making an update to my proposal to reflect that I will be shutting down the devnet fund effective today.

    Currently there is a balance of 530.14458826 (Ark address -
    AY4f3XX3tg73RLGghReqe7LhT7Wob8nrWv) for those that want to confirm the funds are there. I plan to distribute the funds when the next core update is released to reward testing activities in a manner currently TBD for those contributing to testnet as an additional bounty to what the Ark team offers (if any).

    Going forward I plan to maintain the public pool at a 92% share rate and am currently looking to continue to contribute to the ark community in other ways. In the works is a goose snapshot server to help further decentralize the reliance on 1 or 2 main snapshots servers for ark-nodes.

  • When I set up the devnet fund it was meant to help provide a type of bounty for the individuals that work hard every day to run devnet servers and help test changes prior to mainnet to help ensure a more stable Ark Mainnet overall.

    Over the past month or so the delegates have been working together to help continue to maintain the stability of the network through sharing logs as well as other items. One delegate (arkx @faustbrian on slack) has definitely stepped up and open sourced a script called Noah which helps rebuild nodes in the event of an error automatically (most of the time) before a block is even missed which further helps keep nodes green and forging 8 sec blocks to keep mainnet running. This is great for voters and delegates alike. @fausbrian worked with several delegates to test it out on mainnet as well as devnet.

    Overall @faustbrian’s contribution met the spirit of what I was looking to achieve with the devnet fund and as such I have taken out 130 ARK and tipped him via slack as a reward/bounty for all his hard work over the past few weeks to get Noah up and running.

    See the tx below for confirmation

  • Payments continue to roll daily as usually. Looking for some more votes to secure a safer forging spot! Currently at 51! Great share % based on my total votes as of now for new and existing voters!

  • As usual, daily payments continue! Thanks to all my voters for your support

    I made one small update to my proposal in order to address accidental transactions. I had a user send 14k ARK to my delegate about a month ago and I was able to save the funds prior to the distribution to my voters in that instance. However, I cannot guarantee the same result for any future occurrences. I will do my best to reverse any accidental transactions however there is no guarantee that if you send funds directly to my delegate I will recover them prior to daily distributions. If anyone has any questions please let me know here or on Slack

  • @goose Awesome job so far. Voted for you because of your proposal. 92% and daily payout with no minimum + tx fee covered. I’m glad you’e climbed to the top 20 and even top 10. Hopefully you can keep it up.

  • @mackaho

    Thanks for the words of support, I appreciate it! I have some things in the hopper that are coming down the pipeline so hopefully even more good stuff to announce soon :smiley:

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