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  • Delegate goose payments have resumed. Thanks to all my voters!

  • Hey Goose, I’ve voted for you. Do you still reimburse voting fees? Keep up the good work!

  • @Velutious

    Thanks for the vote and yes I still reimburse it. Will send it over later today.

  • Hey Goose,

    I just voted for you as delegate, keep up the good work!


  • As a quick update to all my voters the core 2 upgrade is almost here. To ensure a smooth transition and to make sure there are no issues I will be pausing my delegate share script after the final core 1 run which should be on 11/26 or early 11/27. I have upgraded my tbw script to work with core 2 and shortly after mainnet is stabilized on the new core I will recommence delegate shares of accumulated rewards.

  • @goose Hey Goose, I’ve voted for you. Do you still reimburse voting fees? Keep up the good work!

  • @Danil

    I do! Will reimburse soon! Thanks for voting

  • Node has been successfully updated and forging on core 2. My true block weight script has been updated and if all goes well after the first share run in approx 21 hours I will be switching back to every 211 blocks (~ every 24 hours) shares.

  • After the first Core2 share distribution I have officially moved back to distributing block rewards daily (every 211 blocks). Also effective immediately I’m going to be discountinuing vote reimbursements. This is because I have configured my delegate to accept dynamic fees and as it stands, for a second singature account that votes, my delegate will process the vote transaction with a fee as low as 0.01229 ark.

  • Hi Goose!
    I Voted for you. Could you kindly reimburse the voting fees?
    Thank you!

  • just wanted to do quick post on what I’ve been up to. Core 2 has been stable and shares have moved to daily. I’m exploring moving them up even quicker but haven’t decided yet. On the community tools front I’ve again open sourced my core v2 true block weight script which is available here: :

    I’ve also thrown together a core 2 snapshot management I affectionately call Snappy. It allows delegates to manage snapshots leveraging the new snapshot CLI that is included with core 2. I’ve also built in capabilities to back-up and restore from Amazon S3 and Backblaze B2. This should hopefully make it even easier for delegates to locally (or in the cloud) manage snapshots and further decentralize and lesson the reliance on any centralized ark team snapshots. The tool is open source and available here:

    2018 has been a great year and I’m thankful for my voters sticking it out through the crypto downturn. 2019 is filled with promises and I for one look forward to all the new cool stuff the Ark team will deliver that we will get to see and play with.

  • Goose, I could not find a search on the forum so I figured I would ask you. I tried a manual fee for a payment and it has 0 confirmations after about an hour. I know with BTC we can “double spend” and it will bounce the first transaction. There is also a way to change the miner fee. Does Ark 2.0 have any of those abilities that you know of? Thanks and sorry to bug you but I know you are pretty knowledgeable on the techy stuff. Thanks and happiest holidays to you and yours!

  • @cryptomike

    I’m guessing it’s because you set the fee too low and no forger would accept it. Assuming no delegate changes their minimum then the transaction SHOULD expire after 45 minutes. I believe the team was discussing the possibility of what you mentioned where you could update the fee and resubmit but at this point I don’t believe that functionality is available.

  • @goose you are right - it did expire overnight, so that is a great solution. That is good to know. Also do you know if the transaction fee is based on all the transactions? If it does, then it probably makes sense to consolidate all the small payments like miners should do with most other coins. Can I issue a payment to my own address or must I run it between two addresses? Thanks much Goose!

  • @cryptomike

    Sorry for the delay in getting back. No the transaction fee isn’t based on all the transactions. The new fee is calculated based on a few variables and driven mostly by transaction type and size. For example for a standard transfer transaction with no vendor field the default dynamic fee (unless a delegate has changed to accept higher or lower) is as follows

    Fee:= (100 + 153) * 3000 = 759000 ARKTOSHI === 0.00759 ARK

    For more details take a look at the blog post Chris from the ark team posted that includes a calculator to play around with fees.

  • Hey Goose,

    Just added another wallet for you!

    Keep up the good work. Are you still reimbursing vote fees?

    Wallet here: AcSdhyvJ51ZrREkQwypUtaqQsyKDAEv6Yw

    Tx ID here: c785780b72de6cbc103bf1e72882cd76f0f4a5d7ef6760ba555f1b915bd30c3b


  • @free_movie_judas said in Delegate - Goose - 90% Share:


    Thanks for the vote! As mentioned a few posts up I have discontinued the voting reimbursement as I’ve set my delegate to accept fairly low voting fees which feels like a fair compromise. As mentioned (and assuming my math is right) every round I’ll process votes as low as 0.01229 which is almost a 99% reduction from core 1 fees.

  • Thank You for your help on getting my node up and running. It was a big help, moving from the original commander to an updated v2 core. I still have alot more to learn with this updated software. Thanks Again!!! :high_brightness:

  • here’s a quick article on a project I’ve been working on in collaboration with delegate @arkmoon

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