Delegate - Goose - 90% Share

  • @medowl @keep

    sent 1 ark to both of you! Thanks for voting!

  • Voted for you @goose , my wallet = AGcpnmn9QjhRULUvS7jbuRSjHSpmudhi3E

    Cheers, Groeten,

  • Hi @goose, just voted for you, ARK address AcbNe5GeMLBBuSR1QXJ8mZwnQ8tLS8rUqP.


  • @BolArk @Kurtrussel

    reimbursed both of your voting fees. Thanks again for your vote!

  • Hello Voters! We have definitely come a long way. We are getting close to 200 voters which is a great accomplishment. Thanks to all my loyal voters for such great support. A few updates…

    1. As today is Christmas eve, goose has laid a golden egg and left it in everyone’s tree as share rate was effective 100% for today’s payout :smile:

    2. You will all start to see your payout descriptions look a weee :smirk: different starting tomorrow. I’m happy to announce that some coding and a few weeks of testing, True Block Weight has arrived. This means more accurate and fair payouts based on voting weight at the time of each block being forged. This also will further fortify my delegate against those pesky pool hoppers which are trying to take away hard forged ark from my loyal voting base. The current script is set to pay out every 422 ark (or 211 blocks) which should be 24 hours more or less depending on when I forge. Shout out to @faustbrian and pythark dev Highjhacker for helping in the development and @Del for serving as a test guinea pig in devnet testing.

    3. I am planning to continue my voter bounty of paying the voting fee of 1 ARK for any wallet under 10K that contacts me here or on slack. With that being said it is likely I will start adjusting payment intervals to help manage transaction fees and ensure I have enough ARK in reserve to continue to reimburse voters. As of now, I plan to keep the current payment set at 211 blocks until I hit 250 voters after which payments will be set to 316 block intervals. After I hit 350 voters payments will be set to 422 blocks. I’m hoping that in the next month or so we see Ark-Node v2.0 with lower tx fees and then I will likely speed up payments to every 175-190 blocks (still under evaluation).

    I continue to try to support the community by maintaining a strong DevNet node as well as a snapshot server for delegates to rely on. In addition, I am also hosting a devnet faucet ( for any dev’s that want some DARK to start playing with for testing. Shout out to @biz_classic for open sourcing his faucet code. Finally i have also open-sourced my True-Block-Weight script ( for other delegates to leverage to help all delegates eventually get to TBW so that pool hopping is eliminated from all delegate nodes.

    I have some more exciting things planned that I’m working on but it’s probably a little early for any additional details at this time. If anyone has any questions please hit me up here in the forums or on slack (@goose).

    Have a great holiday and happy new year to all my voters, ark team, delegates, and every ARK holder!

  • @goose , Just a question.

    For small acounts like mine isn’t it better not to pay out NOT every day but let’s say every 11 days. The 10x0.1 Ark free you don’t have to pay you can give as extra bonus. For me that would be an extra reason to support you.

  • @BolArk

    I’ve toyed with the idea of a min threshold or custom threshold and may do it in the future but at this time my true block weight script min threshold will remain at 0.

    While it would be advantageous for me to save that .1 *10 for an every 11 day payment for smaller wallets with the way the calculations currently work that would put smaller accounts like yours at a disadvantage and further dilute your share over time.

    Because block rewards are calculated based on share rate, if for example your account gets paid every 11 days, your share rate will shrink each day because all other accounts being paid daily will maintain/increase their share. When you ultimately get paid on day 11 you would catch up but probably at 90-95% of what your share rate would have been had you done daily distributions.

    I may look into some way to account for this with my tbw script but that may take time to ensure it works properly.

  • Just downloaded the mobile wallet and voted for @goose! My wallet is AZZWmoDo1b3vJegXcGhLYjXiszYis8dSCT


  • Hi @goose, just voted for you, ARK address AeMQu3FS9VzPzexQHBzX3aeiRSgifSo8P6.


  • Hi @goose, I voted for you! Wallet address: AVv5YRKSg9FnzJCtA7WvE4EtQ2HYmBRXwh


  • @Roman @mountedmunky @Drofnum

    voting fee has been reimbursed!

  • Voted for you @goose ! AUK3VigZZuuuVbP6sgrxnJK29R5QieAnBg

  • @goose I just voted for you. My address is: AaWxG9YXJGk2GCtJ4b8m1tvCHL2T7FTc3q

  • @ricflair99 @Triplebogeyzzz

    voting fee reimbursed! Thanks again!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have voted for you ! This is my address: AP8c2muC8LFLa76svLaYdPjD9jfkAWUuWZ

  • New to this whole thing! Your post stood out to me and I voted for you!

    This is my address: AHdNxEzdfeZ8112vkKVqMT3YogeYKE1Wbb

  • @rasho321 @sjennon

    thanks for voting! 1 ark has been sent to both of your wallets!

  • Hello @goose , friend wallet also voted but didn’t want to create a forum account, address below

  • Hullo, I’m so glad I voted for you, Goose! Here is my address: ANSAgWenUhDduFc3VREoYbhNFdMZEwQGkw

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