Delegate 'rob' - potential for >100% payout (1.22 million excluded votes)!!

  • Update
    Now 10% of my pool is public, up from 6.5%. Also, I track my votes and will not pay pool hoppers! Looking at you

    I am a long-term holder of ARK, having first purchased in March of 2017. I run a private pool that consists of other long-term holders who have been around pretty much since the beginning. In addition to the mainnet node I run, I have a DARKnet node running and also contribute to team that a community project in the works that will soon be released. I will comment more on this when the project is announced.

    My proposed structure is a bit unique. I am turning a small portion of my pool from private to public (approximately 10% of the total pool). However, since I am excluding 1.26 million votes, the public portion of my pool has the potential to be very profitable. For example, if the total public votes are 100,000, each member will earn 134% payout! If the total public votes are 135,000 or less, each voter will earn more than 100% reward.

    The private pool is structured such that I keep a modest 5% to cover expenses and my community development efforts.


    • Weekly payout on Tuesday
    • Minimum vote: 5000 Ark
    • Minimum payout is 5 Ark but I will carryover the balance to the next week if needed.

    I run a mainnet node and one DARKnet node using Digital Ocean droplets.

    CPU: 2
    Ram: 2 GB
    Disk: 40 GB

    DARKNet and Mainnet Backup
    CPU: 1
    Ram: 1GB
    Disk: 30GB

    Visit or to see my payouts for your vote.

  • Hi, why do you have so many excluded votes? The reconico calculator doesn’t seem to account for excluded votes in the payout numbers.

  • @alpha I have so many excluded votes because most of the pool is private with fixed payouts. I just checked the reconico calculator and it appears to be working correctly to me. Feel free to reach out on slack (rby123) if you want to chat further. Thanks.

  • Hello @rbyocum1 I was wondering if there was any way I can track how much ark I am earning before the weekly payouts?

  • @fluffywiggle said in Delegate 'rob' - potential for >100% payout (1.22 million excluded votes)!!:

    Hello @rbyocum1 I was wondering if there was any way I can track how much ark I am earning before the weekly payouts?

    Good question. I’m interrested in this too…

  • @Zeehenk It’s difficult for any public pool to exactly forecast what the payment will be because it depends on the total number of votes. But you can estimate what it will be. For my pool, you first have to figure out my total number of excluded votes - you can find this info on reconnico’s website. Then the formula for the payout is this:

    (your votes) / (total votes - excluded votes) * 192.7

    So, as of today (October 4th) if someone were to vote with 10K ARK their payout would be:

    10,000 / (1,298,460 - 1,230,624) * 192 = 28.3 ARK per week (~108% payout).

    Also, the 192.7 comes from the % of the pool I have public, which is 6.5%. Here is the formula for that:
    24 hours in a day * 60 minutes in an hour * 60 seconds in a minute / 8 second block times / 51 delegates * 2 ARK per block * 7 days in a week = 2964.7 ARK forged per week * 6.5% = 192.7

  • @rbyocum1 You’re not top 51 anymore, are you planning to come back up to forge or should we swap delegates?

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