How Many Entries Do You need?

  • Hello Guys… Lets Discuss Our Sweepstakes Activities and Competition Here.

    Share how many Entries you’ve gain so far with that others will get Idea about how many entries do they need to be One of those 100 Winners…

  • Admin

    This is a current Screenshot of the stats. As you can see there are a lot of invalid actions to go through and probably more than that before I get the final winners selection.

    Total users will be maybe 600-700 range possibly.

    alt text

  • Is Action Mean the entries?

  • i just have 46 entries so far.

  • Admin

    Yes, BUT I will be removing some so people will have better chance at the sweepstakes than this. don’t get discouraged :D

  • good luck everyone

  • I have 55+ entries

  • Admin

    those numbers are not final, will be much less once we do some pruning at the end of the sweepstakes for fakers.

  • Can yo guy hide email address of winners? It is privacy I thought. Just advice. Excited to be one of top 100 winners. :)

  • @zwo I agree. show usernames, but keep email addresses hide.

  • Admin

    once the first sweepstakes officially ends, I’ll determine what the best way to contact the winners will be.

    We do take your privacy seriously so I’ll definatly see what I can do for you about the emails.

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