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  • About Us:

    My name is ‘Del’, and I am a former medical student living in New York City with a keen interest in coding and computer science, I’m by no means a professional coder, but I have experience with various languages that include Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and a bit of C++. Currently, I am pursuing my interest in video production as well as exploring my passion for technology by working my way into the IT industry. My partner, ‘Jigsaw’ is an avid coder with an exceptional ability to diagnose issues and find solutions. Together, we form ‘Delegate Del’ one of Ark Ecosystem’s earliest and long-standing community delegates, supporting it through technical development as well as providing valuable content to create an ever-green pool of marketing material.

    Since our inception as delegates, Jigsaw and I have sought to bring up Ark’s value by commissioning ourselves to provide assistance in providing solutions for Ark. We have undergone various tasks from deploying devnet/mainnet nodes to support a dying network, to helping patch corrupted code that halts the network from producing new blocks, our expertise has consistently guided Ark Ecosystem in the right direction. We were one of the first delegates who officially hosted an Ark Ecosytem event in New York City, where we worked tirelessly to determine the logistics of the entire event, but we succeeded and had over 200 people attend our event. Make no mistake, our contributions to this incredible project don’t end there, we provide excellent level of communication for all community members, where we assist in welcoming and answering all questions and concerns that are addressed to us. We love everyone at Ark Ecosystem and welcome you to join us today!

    Our Skills:

    Jigsaw – Exceptionally talented at coding, mastered nearly 7 languages and was at the top of his class when he was attending his university studies. He loves digging through code and coming up with creative solutions for backend development. He is my go-to guy for all Ark Ecosystem development questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

    Del – A true pragmatist who finds satisfaction in bringing valuable content for the Ark Ecosystem community, from organizing events to producing videos that help spread Ark’s name. I have produced several videos so far and expect to release more than a dozen more as I continue to learn the art of filmmaking while also spreading the success of Ark Ecosystem.

    Our Proposal

    By voting for us, we will work to provide you with the following:

    • You will receive a 75% payout share from all forged rewards using a True Block Weight (TBW) payout script, this way you will receive blocks that you help forge and be rewarded exactly as you earned it.
    • Payments will be issued weekly. (Please note: At times, payouts may be delays by a few hours because in some events we may experience network issues)
    • All transaction fees will be covered.
    • No minimum ARK required to vote.
    • No minimum amount of ARK required to receive.
    • Bonus faucet rewards, gain more free ARK at
    • Prompt voter support – In case you need assistance with your Ark related matters.


    • Relaunch with an entirely new UI.
    • Work on releasing new videos that relate to Ark Ecosystem.
    • Provide periodic security audits and general maintenance of the network.
    • Participate and host more Ark Ecosystem events throughout the USA.


    We have been an active and diligent delegate for more than a year now, and everyday we wake up excited knowing that we are part of this incredible community. We ask for your support to help us continue with forging! We vow to bring about the best service and hold ourselves accountable as an upstanding community representatives and delegates. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout all of this time, it has been an incredible honor thus far, and we hope to continue to grow along with this amazing project!

    Ark is a voyage, join us and together we will reap the rewards of this great journey.

    Vote for us and we will work hard on improving and growing the Ark Ecosystem.

    -Delegate Del


    Questions and Answers

    Thank you for reading our proposal.


    Last update was on 03/16/2019

  • Update 1:

    Currently at rank 54, waiting on some more voters. Almost ready for take off! Thank you for the votes thus far.

  • Update 2: Currently sitting at almost 1.1M votes, we need approximately 200K more in order to begin officially forging. Thanks for all the support thus far, if anyone has any questions feel free to reach out via slack.

  • Update 3: As of this morning we are at 1,196,568 Votes, I have decided to incorporate a cap of 1.3M, afterwards I will adjust accordingly to workout for individuals with smaller wallet sizes.

  • Update 4: Awesome news guys, as of 9/22 we are forging and 100% voter share has officially begun for the next 2 months. Thanks for the support! Any questions or concerns feel free to reach out on slack @0toierance

  • Update 6: This morning 11:16AM EST I had sent out the first payment, thank you very much for the support!

  • Update 7: Second payment roll was sent out, and we have 11 voters :smile: thank you for the support. Going forward, I have decided to pay for all transaction fees for all of my voters given that there are smaller wallet sizes that are participating. Thank you.

    Again, thank you for the support!


  • @Del Hi, is possible to ad payment minimum? I had 380 ARK-a - lost 1 ARK for vote. My daily profit is 0.1787855 (it is ok for me), but after 0.1 ARK fee every day I will need 4 months to earn 1ARK, because I will loss 1ARK every 10 days for fees!
    2, 3 or 5 ARK-s minimum payout will be great!

  • @tapiros Hi Tapiros, thanks for reaching, I do agree with a low wallet balance, transfer fees can be quite hectic and ultimately very costly. Therefore, I implemented a feature where by all payments that are due are covered by the pool automatically. So you won’t be charged for extra fees. However, I am considering on having a minimum withdrawal to be somewhere between 1-2 ARK, it’s not set in stone but its a consideration because I see that I am receiving smaller wallet votes. As always, I will try to keep everyone posted.


  • Update 8: As of this moment we have forged more than 1000 blocks! I’m very happy and humbled by the opportunity to do this, so thank you very much for all the support I will try to not let anyone down!

    Nevertheless, I am working out some numbers on how to make sure everyone is happy which would include the smaller wallets. I am considering implementing a minimum withdrawal amount of perhaps .2 ARK whereby smaller wallets can accumulate enough portion of funds in order to justify covering the fee.

    As per the fee that is covered, currently the script is automated to adjust how many voters are currently under my delegate, it then calculates the total amount for the fee that it would cost in order to successfully transfer all funds to the respective voters, whereby it deducts that total costs from the total amount of forged Ark. Later on, the fee will be deducted from the reserve portion that will ultimately be controlled by me, but that is 2 months from now. This method of deduction still ensures that 100% of all ARK forged goes to the voters and still maintains the transaction costs for all voters.

    Also, max wallet size is now set at 10,000 ARK

    If anyone has questions, concerns, or any advise on how to proceed further I am very open to any ideas and will very much look forward to the conversation. Again, thank you very much for the support!


  • Update 9:

    So after careful consideration on how I should proceed regarding payment frequency and such, I have decided that the following settings will be implemented:

    Max vote: 10,000 ARK
    No minimum vote: No minimum vote.
    No minimum withdrawal limit
    Profit sharing: 100% (With all transaction fees covered by pool)
    Payout frequency: will be changed to every 3 days if there is a majority consensus for having it installed through this brief survey.

    Ultimately, I believe these implementation will help reduce the problem of ‘dilution’ that many high stake voters may experience (I hear your concerns for those who have reached out) while also addressing the validity of the smaller wallet stakes (which I appreciate and take into consideration very much whenever making any decisions) as well as the transaction fees that it costs to support the daily payouts (which have become quite costly and I felt can be addressed in a more cost effective way).

    I understand that I am moving quick to make sure that there are viable and pragmatic changes installed in order for all the parties to be satisfied. I do apologize if it is ‘too quick’ but know that I am doing my best, I would very much appreciate it if you reach out regarding any pressing concerns that you feel require my attention, and I will do my very best to address them.

    Once consensus has been reached I will then officially update my proposal, in the meantime everything will go as is


  • Update 10:

    Hi everyone,

    I hope this updates finds you all well, I just wanted to update you regarding the status of the delegate and how after today’s payout we will be transitioning into a new structure, until the new fee reduction update.

    As stated previously, there have been new developments regarding my position as a delegate, whereby there has been a significant influx and disparity between the sizes of wallets that have voted for me. Although I very much appreciate each and every single one of the votes, the differences in wallet sizes throughout, have complicated the payout process and create a rather costly precedent if I were to continue to pay at a daily frequency. Thus I am pivoting my proposal to the following:
    Voter share: 100%
    Payout Frequency: Every 3 Days
    Fees: All fees covered by pool
    Max ARK allowed to stake: 5000 ARK
    (Those who are currently staking are excluded, I am in the process of capping and stabilizing the total vote count)
    Min ARK allowed to stake: No minimum ARK, I prefer a minimum 300ARK, but it isn’t necessary
    No minimum to withdraw

    I truly appreciate the opportunity, so thank you very much for all the support!


    This new pivot will be effective the moment I send out the upcoming payments today, and going forward I will adhere to this updated proposal and will do my best to make sure all of my voters are satisfied.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me on slack:

  • Max stake 5000?

    Is that correct?

  • @BuyCoin Yes, that is correct! But I believe we have sorted this out already :) Thanks for reaching out :D

  • Update 12:

    Hi everyone,

    I have just sent out payments, we have forged more than 2000 blocks and have 70 supporting voters! Thank you so much for all the support!


  • Hello Adel and thank you for your service so far.

    I’m not sure why the payouts will switch to daily after the fee reduction though. 0.01 ARK is still something and multiplying with 100 voters, it will cost a lot.

    Is it really that important for people to get daily rewards? I just think that it brings a burden on the delegate.

  • @tersagun Thanks for reaching out, although it may seems expensive when delegates must send out pay outs to approximately 100 voters, it is still significantly cheaper than it is now. Also, it’s important to account for competition for a spot as a delegate, some delegates may incorporate a daily payout and thus creating a shift in paradigm. I’m confident that switching to daily payouts after the fee reduction will prove both suitable and advantageous to both my voters and myself. I’m really looking forward to the changes and helping building this community!

  • Update 13:

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I just wanted to reach out and inform everyone that I have submitted and successfully issued my payments to all my voters! Thank you very much for all the support.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Update 14:

    Hi everyone!

    I am pleased to inform you all that all recent payments have been issued successfully! We have gained so many new supporters and at the time of posting this update we are at 130 votes :D As per the node, its performance has been fantastic thus far and I have began to actually sleep at night without having to worry about it crashing, but I still actively check up on it. I am genuinely thankful for all the support thus far and am really humbled by all of it, so thank you guys.

    Nevertheless I want to bring about some news:
    This weekend I will be working on implementing a public faucet, one that will be integrated into the website that I am working on. This project I believe will bring about more interesting developments in our community and would like to thank @biz_classic and the @ACF for their incredible contribution. Furthermore, after the 100% vote share period has expired I will dedicate a percentage of all weekly forged Ark to be contributed to the faucet, I am still working out all the complete details but when I do finalize my decision I will be sure to update everyone.

    Lastly, I would like to announce a new promotion: given the popularity that has been reached during the last 3 weeks, I want to strive to become better and more influential member of this community. Thus I am announcing that if by November 22, 2017 we reach an active vote count of 500 active voters I will extend the 100% profit share until January 1st of 2018, as a token of my appreciation.

    I sincerely appreciate all of the support! Again, Thank you very very much!

    Until the next update :D


  • Update 15:

    Hey guys!

    I made a short pamphlet to summarize my delegate, I hope it helps new comers :smile:

    I also added the promotion features.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :smile:



    0_1508027713069_Ark promo.png

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