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  • @shaman

    Hi, I have placed my vote but didnt see that you should have a minimym for 2k ARK.
    I currently have 1.5k ark. Can you please tell me if I still get the bonus?
    If not, please send me the ARK back so I can find another delegate.



  • I have a smaller wallet(200 Ark), will I still be getting the normal awards? Or do you need 2000+ Ark for this as well? Or is the 2000+ Ark only for the bonus 5-25Ark ?

  • i suggest you pay what you own or you will be voted out scamer dont vote to him unless he pays

  • when are you distribution this week of bonus and payment?

  • @hk he say in the near future no way he pay out he will just run away with the ark

  • Hi. When you pay ark for voter? I vote you last friday.

  • @jonsnow really? what we behavior in this situation?

  • @hk unvote him so you dont lost anymore ark payment biz_classic is verry good you can check him out he say sunday payment than 48 hours than near future next lvl scam this shaman

  • @jonsnow thanks for ur reply. i unvote to the delegate.

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