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  • Hi Guys, where is the best place to get some quick assistance with setting up an ACES Node?

    I have followed the guide, I have the Ethereal blockchain syced, the backend is running and I can view the frontend page fine. However clicking any of the 3 buttons just leads to loading wheel with “please wait”. Im presuming it’s not able to connect to the backend?

    Not looking for hand holding, just a pointer on where to check if anyone else has hit this speed bump along the way.

    I know the functionality is limited in scope at this early stage, but I really want to get involved and help grow the ecosystem by running and ACES node, more for my own development at this stage. Would love to move it into production in the future.


  • Hey,

    best place to get assistance is on slack:

    Then join channel #aces

    Good luck!

  • Your backend is not connected.

    sudo chmod 655 /etc/systemd/system/aces-backend.service
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo service aces-backend start
    sudo service nginx restart

    via console you should see 502 Bad Gateway or you can also check the nginx logs/sys logs

  • Thanks tried that and no difference, If I test via Curl I get 502 as you said OR gateway timeout

    I can see the backend and Get service running with sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog

  • Also joined the slack channel :) Thanks

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