I am a new Voter

  • Happy to have joined the Ark community. After 5 Days, and having 6 Different accounts I was able to receive my first 2 dividends! 1st was from “Jarunik” and second was from “Doom”!

    I am currently in the mode of delegate research, and understanding the patterns and who improves on the list and who doesn’t. I appreciate all the Delegates who take the time and chat with me! I think we all have a great future in Ark

  • Nice to have you on the forum!

    I’d like to tell you about my delegate, which aims to grow ARK in the long-term, by running a targeted marketing campaign (paid advertising), using my skills in this area, with the goal of increasing the global reach of ARK to many more users, just like you.

    It’s a new proposal, so it’s not in the Top 51 yet and therefore not able to actively forge/generate profit yet. But your early support would be really appreciated! :smiley:


    The key difference of the “ark.ads” delegate, over other delegates, is that it offers voters something far more important than just profit share - it offers the opportunity to incrementally increase the market capitalisation of ARK by increasing awareness and driving up demand/price (which ultimately benefits all of us).

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