lottox // 90% Profit Share Pool // 8% Daily Lottery // 2% Development // Automatic Payout Every 24h (Fees Covered)

  • Vote for “lottox”

    90% Profit Share Pool and 8% Lottery Delegate.

    Draw #1 will take place automatically when LottoX enters the Top 51 delegates and begins forging. Vote now to be included in the first draw, to benefit from the best possible odds!

    LottoX is an ARK-based raffle, in which 30 ARK is given away every single day in a completely independent draw made by the trusted third-party,

    Besides being a fun way to win ARK, the majority of profits are paid in the traditional way, with a 90% Profit Share Pool.

    Website –

    Profit Calculator –


    Profit Share Breakdown:

    • 90% (~380/Day) – Profit Share split up between Voters
    • 8% (~32/Day) – Lottery Fund
    • 2% (~8/Day) – Development

    Payout Interval:

    • Automatic, every 24 hours


    LottoX Daily Draw:

    • Prize: 30 ARK
    • Drawn: Daily
    • Odds: (see for current odds)


    Taking part is simple! Just vote for: “lottox” in your ARK Desktop Wallet and you will automatically appear on the LottoX Voters Table (see

    The account address from each vote received is treated as a unique ticket ID for the raffle. Voters may increase their odds of winning by voting from multiple accounts.

    For new users of ARK, follow the steps below to vote…

    1. Get some ARK – here’s how
    2. Download ARK Desktop Wallet – here’s how
    3. Cast your delegate vote for: “lottox” – here’s how


    Every draw is conducted independantly by the RANDOM.ORG Third-Party Draw Service.

    RANDOM.ORG logo

    RANDOM.ORG acts as an unbiased third party who conducts the drawings in a manner that is guaranteed to be fair and truly random. Draw history is stored for at least five years on public records which can be verified and audited by anyone.
    The drawings are made using true randomness that comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.

    Once the 1st draw has taken place, full draw history will be forever made available publicly on

    Good luck!!

    LottoX logo

  • UPDATE: Updated proposal and website

    More updates coming soon…

  • UPDATE: Now ranking #53! :star2:
    Only 2 positions away from the top 51 delegates!! Another 460k votes needed to begin forging and take LottoX over the starting line.

    Once we begin forging, the countdown to the first daily lottery draw at will begin!
    Predicted odds of winning the daily lottery could be much higher than expected thanks to the help of a large voter (perhaps as low as 1 in 10).

    Don’t miss out! Please vote now for ‘lottox’

  • Is this up and running yet? Just voted in.

  • @devchris Thanks for voting!
    Many more votes are still needed before we hit the top 51 delegates and can begin forging.

    Please always check the website to see the current position and votes.

  • UPDATE: Profit Calculator has just been released! – :bar_chart:

    Now ranking #56. More votes needed to get us into the top 51 delegates! – Vote now for lottox :ballot_box_with_check:

  • New votes needed! – Vote now for lottox :ballot_box_with_check:

  • UPDATE: Now 90% Profit Share + 8% Lottery

    Daily chances to win 30 ARK!

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