ArkMoon Delegate Proposal : 95% share : Live stats calculated every 8 minutes

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    Check our our announcement for the upcoming ArkMoon Commemorative Coin!

    arkmoon commemorative coin

    Vote for ‘arkmoon’ with your Ark wallet, and visit to see how much you are earning. Your address should appear in the table on the homepage with estimates of how much you are earning per day and how long it will take approximately for you to receive a payout.

    Rewards are now being calculated at the block-level, meaning as soon as you hit the minimum, you get paid. For large wallets, I’ve automatically calculated how much you would earn per day and set the minimum dynamically to do so, to ensure you’re not losing money in constant transaction fees.

    The absolute minimum payout is 1 Ark. You can see approximately how much you will earn using the calculator at the top of the website.

    About Me:
    I’m a 33 year old senior web developer working out of Virginia, USA. I have over 15 years of web dev experience, and I’m hoping this project will help me get started on more exciting Ark related projects.

    Please let me know if you encounter any bugs on the website, or if the calculations don’t appear to be correct.

    If you need to contact me quickly, I’m usually in the Ark Ecosystem Slack channel! You’ll get a response sooner if you find me there.

    Thank you voters!

  • What part of Virginia? I’m right outside Norfolk.

  • @groundkittens

    Outside of D.C. :)

  • @arkmoon dm me lets see if we can get your forging

  • @arkmoon

    Hi i have voted for you but the delegate information says that you are not forging? is everything fine.

    I have voted with 1492 Ark

  • @victorsundaram

    also please fix the slack link, it doesnt seem to be a invite link, says “dont have access to this workspace”

  • @victorsundaram - Hey! Just an update, we are currently forging! I’ve fixed the bugs you indicated. Thank you for the heads up! Payments are being calculated and sent out to those who meet the minimum!

    Also, an update that we’re calculating balances and rewards now every day at 7am (EST) to prevent the constant transaction fees that were being used up every 15 minutes.

    Thank you again to all of my voters. Please use the payment calculator at the top of the site if you still want to vote for ArkMoon and see what your estimated daily payout will be!

  • Just some updates!

    We’ve installed a failsafe script that automatically fixes the database if our node encounters any forking issues, which has minimized any downtime. Special shoutout to @faustbrian for his failover script. Make sure to show him some love, because his script has saved delegates a lot of sleepless nights!

    We are producing just over 422 Ark per day, and automated payouts have been working flawlessly.
    You can see your pending rewards and payments on

    And again, thank you to my voters for voting for ArkMoon :)

  • @arkmoon Hi, I voted for you on October 28th with 102 coins. However, till now have not received any rewards. The calculator shows that I should have received at least two by now. Could you please address this? May be some distribution is not working properly. Thanks!

  • @bittax Can you DM me your Ark address please and I can look into it? With 102 Ark, you’d currently be earning 0.02821549 ARK per day, and it would take you approximately 35 days to meet the minimum of 1 Ark

  • Just an update on my Delegate. I have implemented Block-Level rewards, meaning there will be no more pool hopping. Voters will now only earn rewards if their balance stays above 1 Ark. Pool hoppers who empty their account and move it somewhere else will have their rewards reset and lost!

    For my loyal voters, this means pool hoppers will no longer be able to swoop in right before a payout and “steal” part of your rewards.

    Thank you all for voting for me! More news will be released in the coming weeks for an exciting new project I’ve been working on that will hopefully bring more cool ways to use Ark. Stay tuned in December for more updates :D

  • We’ve just surpassed 10,000 Ark rewards paid out since we’ve started forging. Thank you voters!

    :rocket: :full_moon:

  • To my voters, if you would like me to increase your minimum payout to reduce the number of transaction fees, please feel free to PM me in the ARK Slack with your address and I can update it manually.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  • We’ve just passed 1,400,000 votes for ArkMoon! Thank you to all my voters for your continued support!

  • All CPU and RAM have been double to increase the node’s performance. Shoutout to @faustbrian , we are running his full suite of node monitoring software, including his failover script, as well as hosting an extra snapshot server to help other delegates in case they need to rebuild their node.

    Thank you again, my voters, for your continued support! We’ve seen Ark hit an all time high over $6 and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

  • We recently had a large voter trying to extort us by voting us out of the top 51 and then offering to get us back in by giving them more than their due share of the rewards. He was refused. Thankfully, we are still in the top 51 and rewards are still being paid out without any manipulation.

    I will not compromise the integrity of my automatic payout script in order to cater to manipulative whale voters trying to play the delegates against each other for an extra 8 Ark per day more than he was due. That belongs to all of my voters, and I am thankful we are still in the top 51. I would like to thank my number one largest voter for making this possible without any special demands.

    Thank you all again for your continued support.

  • ark qr code react component banner

    I wanted to use the official Ark QR Code generator the team just released, but for the life of me, I couldn’t get it working inside of my React application.

    So, I said to heck with it and rewrote the whole thing as a standalone React component. Please let me know if you have any issues or spot any bugs. I just uploaded it to NPM so hopefully everything is working.

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