How to open 32bit linux wallet?

  • Hi, I am new to ark and would like to get started by setting up a linux wallet but I am unable to do this. I downloaded the file from which is a file called ArkClient-Linux-1.4.1.tar.xz which is supposedly a 32-bit wallet. After extraction I find a directory with a number of files. The only file that looks to be the executable is arkclient. When I run the command ./arkclient within the proper directory I get the error: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error. I’m sure this must be built for 64bit computers. Am I just doing this wrong? Is there actually a 32bit linux wallet? Please Help.

  • You could try to build the wallet from source code in github if this is not too technical for you. I don’t know why there are no 32bit releases for v8.0 or v9.0 but you can always use an oder version as they are compatible. Linux is an operating system; usage of this OS growing exponentially for its high speed and performance. It is a major part of syllabus for Operating Systems of computers. Even though students find it interesting, yet the concepts are completely not every grasp. We at 24x7assignmenthelp provide you with all assistance that you would require in the process.

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