Vote "Profit" A private delegate created to maximize voters reward!

  • Profit is a new delegate which aims to solve one of the biggest problems of the ark delegates: pool dilution,

    we plan to accomplish this by sharing 96% of all ark to our voters and having a vote cap of 1.45 Million votes, we are a private pool, this means that we will not accept any more voters when we hit 1.45M votes, we will be accepting any types of wallets this means that anyone no matter how much ark he or she has can vote for our delegate it doesn’t matter if you have 1k ark or 100 ark we will be sharing and paying daily for all. if your wallet is a small one we will keep a running balance and pay as soon as you hit 0.1 ark in pending balance, this means that anyone can enjoy a private pool to enjoy diluted free ark every day so that you can make the most out of your ark!

    96% share to all voters
    running balance so that small wallets can get what they deserve
    1.45 Million vote cap to maximise voters profits!
    paying daily (if earned more than 0.1 ark) to avoid issues

    our goal is to be a competitive delegate and to offer the most to our voters so that they can make the most out of their ark every day!

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