Delegate40: The Anti-Dilution Delegate - 95% Payouts Forever for pre-rank-40 voters - Proposal Updated 11/28/17

  • Private delegate pools have the benefit of smaller, capped pool sizes which result in higher payouts for voters. However, the cutoff for top 51 delegates is increasing over time, and as a result static pool sizes risk losing their forging status unless new pool members are occasionally invited. Public pools have the benefit of organic growth, but pools who offer the most competitive payout rates often overinflate, diluting what voters earn. What if you could have the best of both worlds?

    Delegate40 is a completely public delegate with a unique rewards system to incentivize drawing in and retaining new voters while below rank 40 and disincentivize new from diluting the pool. Until rank 40 is achieved, all new voters will receive grandfathered status with the benefit of 95% payouts forever as long as they don’t change their vote to another delegate. Above rank 40, new voters will still be accepted and paid – however, all non-grandfathered voters will only receive between 85% and 70% on a sliding scale from rank 40 to rank 25. Additionally, if I am knocked below rank 40, any non-grandfathered voters will receive 90% payouts forever.

    To my voters I am offering a unique platform with competitive rates that will continue to stay competitive as more Ark is placed in voting wallets and larger delegates inflate. For any questions, I can be reached on the forums or by email at Automated payouts every 3 days. We pay on time every time.

    Website is now up and running with a calculator to show you how much you’ll be earning if I reach rank 40. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how much more you’ll be earning with my delegate compared to other delegates due to lack of dilution:

    Vote delegate40

    -Retain Rank #40 to prevent dilution
    -95% payouts for grandfathered voters forever
    -85%-70% payouts for non-grandfathered voters if above rank 40
    -90% payouts forever for all non-grandfathered voters who help bring the delegate back up to rank 40 if dropped below that rank
    -Automated payouts every 3 days

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  • Payouts increased to 90%

  • Website now up and running

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  • Proposal updated with a much more enticing offer for anyone who votes before rank 40

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