ACTIVELY FORGING! || Successful Ark Outreach Program! || Yokoama (ACF advisor) and Tk0n || 80% payout || 2% for Ark outreach || We pay TX fees || True Blockweight || Daily Payout! || An Even Better Pool for Small Voters

  • Introduction ‘thefoundry’, tk0n and yokoama (ACF board member)


    We want to dedicate our time to attract people who don’t own a single Ark and maybe haven’t even heard of Ark yet, to buy their first Ark! 2% of the ark coming from forging will be set aside. From that we will give 5 ark to every person who doesn’t own a single ark yet, but is willing to buy 25 Ark or more. We will provide support in setting everything up if needed so they can stake and giving the 5 Ark is a gesture from our side to also cover voting costs, fees etc. for first time Ark investors. We will actively spend our time approaching people but also make ourselves available for them to reach out to us. We’ll have a solid vetting procedure to make sure we are really getting people who don’t own any Ark yet so that we are sure we are growing our community.

    Hey Ark Community! We are ‘yokoama’ (Samuel Zwaan) and ‘tk0n’ (Nico Engelhardt), if you are active on slack or reddit, I’m sure you’ve seen us around. Sam studied in The Netherlands (Utrecht) and the US (Georgia Tech) and is currently a Technical Product Manager at eBay. As such he is great at structuring, planning, organizing and keeping things on track. Besides this Sam is also an advisor to the ARK Community fund, so getting really ingrained in the Ark community and furthering Ark. Becoming a delegate is the next step to continue to support Ark and it’s great community.

    Nico is born in Germany and he is working as a System Engineer for a german telephone and communications company. He is a longtime “veteran” and has been working in the streaming media and internet business for over 20 years.

    High level proposal:

    • 2% of funds go towards attracting new users via sign up bonus

    • 80% payout rate

    Server Specifications :

    Virtual private server
    Node - delegate “thefoundry”
    4 cores
    12 gb ddr4
    60 gb ssd
    Network: 1 Gbit/s
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04

    The server is located at a big german Webhoster. 2nd server running as well!

    Contact @yokoama or @tk0n

    Planned Contributions to the ARK Ecosystem

    Besides the fact that both yokoama and tk0n are already contributing heavily to ARK via ACF and/or having strong presence in the community, we really want to focus on spreading the word around ARK with a sign up bonus.

    The sign up bonus:

    We wrote a more extensive piece on our sign up bonus proposal here:

    Part of our proposal is to use 2% of the pool rewards towards an incentive to attract new Ark members whilst at the same time promoting Ark. The idea is that 2% or roughly ~250 ark per month is used to fund people new to Ark into buying Ark. We would offer 10 free Ark for any Ark purchase a new member makes of 25+ Ark.

    To avoid fraud and at the same time promote Ark we will have a vetting process:

    1. The new member will have to join the Ark slack channel
    2. The new member will initiate into a conversation on slack with yokoama
    3. In this conversation the new member will show proof of having active social media presence
    4. New member will be asked to post an Ark message on one or more of their social media channels
    5. New member will be asked to purchase their Ark during the slack conversation and show proof of this transaction via a screenshot

    As you can read, that is quite a time investment on our side, which we are willing to make to avoid fraud, and for the benefit of Ark. If all goes well, that is ~50 new members each month. It may seem little, but those new members will attract new members, and they will etc. etc.

    If there is lots of demand, we will consider lowering the incentive to accommodate more people. If there is not enough demand, we will increase the incentive. Besides this we will also make regular reports on our efforts (at minimum on a monthly basis) to make transparent the progress around attracting new members and how the funds are being used.
    We will of course also actively promote that this option exist to new members, our goal is of course to continuously spend the ~250 Ark a month on attracting new members.

    In short. 2% goes to attracting new members, there is a 80% pay out rate, the rest is used to cover costs and split between yokoama and tk0n.
    Minimum payout is 0.1 Ark. This could potentially be lowered once the transaction fees are lowered on the next core release of Ark.


    Pool reward sharing - 80%
    Additional Rewards: New buyer sign up bonus (5 ark, we create a waitlist for pay out so we can add members at any time!)
    Pool site:
    Payments interval: daily (0.1 Ark minimum, every 24 hours)

    Ending Statement

    We are dedicated to delivering a high pay out and at the same time very practically growing the Ark community. We hope you understand they time and dedication we are putting into this by vetting ~100 people every month and reporting on this but we believe this is great way of growing ark and promoting it. By voting for us you are supporting this as well!

    Address: ALUeCYpPvPUMt9FUEWWf2xAoaX3WXo9hou
    Delegates tk0n and yokoama
    Delegate name: thefoundry

  • hey guys, we provide some more explanation on our sign up bonus in a blogpost:

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  • Alright guys, we are forging! Thanks so much for all the support! Me and tk0n are keeping a close eye on our node to see if everything runs smoothly. So far everything is very smooth!

    Now that we are forging we will also be focusing on 2 things:

    1. We will launch a website in the next week or so to keep everybody updated on our plans. We will also be adding features as time passes which will give you more possibilities such as changing pay out frequency, minimum pay out amount and others.
    2. As we are forging, funds are flowing into our new member fund! This means that within a couple of days we will start our recruitment process and get new people into Ark! As long as our website isn’t live yet we will update here, on slack, reddit, bitcointalk and twitter. We want to let you know how many people we recruit of course!


  • First payment has been processed!

    Also wanted to quickly mention already that the proposal is working! We are getting new members on ark slack reaching out to us wanting to buy Ark!!! We have signed up the first couple already!

  • Check out our latest medium post:

    It’s been going well and we will keep you updates on our progress! More to come (working on launching a website!)

  • Hey,

    Wanted to put my thoughts on Ark ‘on paper’. Wrote a small piece on this:

    Now is the time people!


  • A nice update written by tk0n on Ark delegated proof of stake. Good info to know when you are considering voting!

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  • New update, we implemented true blockweight to make it better for you! What is true blockweight? Check out our post here on thefoundry website: !

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  • Went to the blockchain event! Not as a speaker though but got the opportunity to spread the word around Ark, how Ark works and what Ark’s goals are. Interesting thing was at this event you had investors and people looking for investment. People looking for investors all heard about Ark, the investors at times still needed to educate themselves a bit more about crypto ;)

  • Short write up of the blockchain event, just couple of tips and tricks:

  • Ark Meet Up in The Netherlands! When in February? Let us know!!

    The Foundry and Dutchdelegates are organizing a meet up in Utrecht in February. We want to know from people who want to attend what date suits them the best! There will be talk about crypto, ark and of course there will be some beers Wink


    yokoama - thefoundry

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