ARKade Independet Delegate (!) - 95% Share - 5% ReInvest In Dev Support

  • Hello folks

    I am ARKade, an IT engineer living in Austria, and beeing active in the crypto community since 2011.

    The main part of my IT knowledge consists of network(security) technology and system administration.
    Besides that, I develop in C# and partly Java.

    In the course of the last few years I worked on numerous projects in the Influencer and Gaming business.
    ARK is a Project I’ve been into since a few months now. I’ve invested a vast majority of my portfolio into ARK
    and I am convinced that it is the right decision.

    Server specifications:

    Currently I am using a small OVH Setup, the reason why is that im actually not in forging position.

    When I start forging, I’ll set up the following instances: A main Node with sufficient capacity (1GBIT UP, 8 GB Ram and 250 GB SSD)
    and a backup server with the same specifications. Either OVH, AWS or Microsoft Azure.

    Contributions as a delegate

    I am going to share 95% to every voter to keep the ecosystem as fair as possible.

    The remaining 5% will be spent for Nodes, for contests and support of development of useful applications.
    I don’t want to get rich or buy a lambo by getting a delegate, I am statisfied by influencing the community and system
    in a positive way, to make ARK reach its real value and of course make my coin-portfolio go to the moon :P

    Furthermore I maintain contact to german-speaking online influencers with over a million followers. In the future I would
    like to open up social media channels on youtube and twitter to explain how the ARK ecosystem works. There is need of
    clarification about ARK, how DPoS works and what the technology offers us in the future.

    Contact Details:
    Delegatename: ARKade

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