Help with delegate issue

  • I am new at ARK, and very excited about of future of ARK. But I have a couple of issues, and I do not know where to go to get answers; About 3 weeks ago, set up a desktop ARK Client and voted a delegate, did not know who would be good, so chose #1 on the list. I received my share of distribution twice 4 days apart (for my 5,000 ARKs), then did not get any for over 7 days. I sent a message, but no response yet. Voted him out, voted another delegate 3 days ago, have not seen any on transaction yet. Q #1, is there any recourse or mechanism to report a delegate who not doing what’s promised? Q #2, Is there any place I can get info on delegates other than spread sheet of data regarding delegates?

  • Hello, and welcome to Ark.

    Answer #1 Unfortunately not, there are always bad actors somewhere, or could have been a mistake. You could make some post on the slack channel and reddit with proof and, or other social media outlets connected with to ark. You are your own (bank). Only you are responsible with who you choose to use your ark to (stake) with.

    Answer #2 We have the here (the ark forum), Microsoft slack chat channel (delegate) and the spread sheets. In the beginning all delegate proposals were posted here (the ark forum). After awhile they started spreading out, and developing there own means to assemble votes.

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