PR not as strong as it could be?

  • So the recent news of ARK being the first blockchain project to incorporate in the EU is a fairly big deal in my opinion…

    So where is all the PR about this?
    I mean, there is obviously some… But why is there nothing about this on any of the big crypto news sites (like

    Also, any PR that I have managed to find about this, has failed to put a really punchy spin on the headline… I’ll give you an example:
    Which is the better headline ?

    • ‘ARK Creates a Unique Business Entity’
      … or …
    • ‘ARK Becomes First Blockchain to Incorporate in the EU’

    Both are equally true statements, but one is far more engaging than the other; yet none of the PR I’ve seen has really capitalized on the headline…

    Anyone else feel let down by the lack of good PR lately or is it just me? :disappointed:

  • Just wanted to follow up my post to say how glad I am to see this news:

    Thank you ARK Co, this will make a real difference!!

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