[HELP ME]: Explanation of the votes mechanism

  • For example if I have 8000 ARK and I’ll vote for all from that list:


    others to have 51 votes. I’ll earn about ~1371 ARK monthly or I’ll get profit only from one delegate?

  • Hi lukas,

    You can only vote for 1 delegate per account.

    So if you wanted to vote for more than 1, you’d have to divide your 8000 ARK into multiple accounts.

    For example, if you liked the sound of 4 different delegates, you could vote for all of them by dividing your 8000 ARK evenly (2000 ARK each), or you may want to divide your ARK unevenly between them - it’s up to you.

    As a general rule of thumb, you can expect approx. 10% yearly yield from most delegates. So with 8000 ARK you may expect about 800 ARK profit per year, or about 67 per month.

    Hope this helps!

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