Arkane Delegate || PRIVATE POOL || Daily payouts || NO-DILUTION || Covered Fees

  • Arkane is now forging!

    We now have a waiting list in case you would like to join us.
    If you are interested please contact us.

  • Hello,

    We wish you all an happy crypto year 2018!

    We have a place available for a few wallet starting if possible around 5k.
    Maximum wallet admissible at the moment 300k.

    Please contact us on Slack or here on the forum.

  • Update 3 January:

    We are actively looking for a replacement in the pool.
    We now have a large place available if you would like to get a fix amount per day.

    10k = 3 Ark /day (22 if payout per week)
    20k = 6 Ark /day (43 if payout per week)
    30k = 9 Ark /day (64 if payout per week)
    40k = 12 Ark /day
    50k = 15 Ark /day
    100k = 30 Ark /day

    Etc …

    Below 20k a payout per week is more profitable for the voters, you can choose at your preference.
    All the fees then will be saved and applied on the voter.

    Until now, we have covered the block lost 9 missed for 4000 blocks forged.
    We also have covered the downtime of 2/3 hours a few days ago.
    Which result an uptime above 99.7% with no impact for the voters.

  • @Arkane Short question, So it doesnt matter if I have 41k or 49k , I get 12 ark/day in both cases?

  • @JR Hello,

    No of course not, it’s just an example you will have the prorata of your pledge.
    If you have 49k you can considere it has 50k therefore you will earn 15 Ark/day and not 12 Ark/day.

    If you have any question please let me know.

  • Hello!

    We are looking for a wallet between 5k to 10k to secure our position a bit higher.
    If you want to join us and get a smooth payout at your own convenience, slack us @arkane or reply here we will get back to you as soon as possible :)

    Our wallet address:

  • sent you a PM on Slack!

  • Hello!

    We have a few places available if you guys are interested (max 70K).
    Payout is still fixed at a rate of 3 Ark per 10k stack (Which is 100% for the forged amount until 1.420M).

    Which means if you have 15k that will be 4.5 Ark/day and so on.

    Since day 1, we only have 20 blocks lost for almost 20K Forged, that keep our uptime at 99.9%
    All the blocks lost has been covered with the marging with no loss for the voters.

    Please slack me or leave a message here if you are interested :)

  • @Arkane Hi,

    I have around 135K if you need someone at some point, please contact and I can give a max amount.


  • The pool is now switching on percentage instead of fixed rate.

    • 90k ARK excluded from the payout
    • 93% sharing daily
    • Extremely low dilution

    I’m looking for a few voters between 10k and 100k.
    DM me on telegram or Slack!

  • Hello voters,

    I’m looking for one voter between 10k and 40k.
    If you are interested reply here or by a DM on Slack or Private Message.
    Low dilution, high payout, long term holder :)

  • I’m looking for a voter between 10 and 40k.

    We have 90k ARK excluded from the payout!
    93% sharing daily
    Extremely low dilution
    DM me on Slack

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