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  • @Arkane Short question, So it doesnt matter if I have 41k or 49k , I get 12 ark/day in both cases?

  • @JR Hello,

    No of course not, it’s just an example you will have the prorata of your pledge.
    If you have 49k you can considere it has 50k therefore you will earn 15 Ark/day and not 12 Ark/day.

    If you have any question please let me know.

  • Hello!

    We are looking for a wallet between 5k to 10k to secure our position a bit higher.
    If you want to join us and get a smooth payout at your own convenience, slack us @arkane or reply here we will get back to you as soon as possible :)

    Our wallet address:

  • sent you a PM on Slack!

  • Hello!

    We have a few places available if you guys are interested (max 70K).
    Payout is still fixed at a rate of 3 Ark per 10k stack (Which is 100% for the forged amount until 1.420M).

    Which means if you have 15k that will be 4.5 Ark/day and so on.

    Since day 1, we only have 20 blocks lost for almost 20K Forged, that keep our uptime at 99.9%
    All the blocks lost has been covered with the marging with no loss for the voters.

    Please slack me or leave a message here if you are interested :)

  • @Arkane Hi,

    I have around 135K if you need someone at some point, please contact and I can give a max amount.


  • The pool is now switching on percentage instead of fixed rate.

    • 90k ARK excluded from the payout
    • 93% sharing daily
    • Extremely low dilution

    I’m looking for a few voters between 10k and 100k.
    DM me on telegram or Slack!

  • Hello voters,

    I’m looking for one voter between 10k and 40k.
    If you are interested reply here or by a DM on Slack or Private Message.
    Low dilution, high payout, long term holder :)

  • I’m looking for a voter between 10 and 40k.

    We have 90k ARK excluded from the payout!
    93% sharing daily
    Extremely low dilution
    DM me on Slack

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