OzPoolDelegate || HIGH UPTIME || 96% Payout + Monthly ARK Bonus Lottery

  • Introduction
    Hi everyone, we are OzPoolDelegate, a team of technology experts with 60 years combined experience. We have been actively purchasing and staking ARK for some time and want to continue to secure our assets and safeguard our future outside current financial institutes. We believe the ARK ecosystem provides a superior platform to achieve this.

    Maximising your ARK investment - We work hard and PAY hard

    We are tech nerds with the passion and ability to become a high uptime delegate, we will payout 96% with an additional 50 ARK first month lottery if we are voted into the top 51 delegates. We work together and crypto together establishing a slack channel and bringing our friends and family into crypto.

    We have built a MainNet Node and a DevNet node as well as backup cold nodes for fast failover in the event of outage to ensure we keep on forging! All nodes are setup in different Datacentres locations to protect from localised outages.

    Our Team

    Mark is our Lead Cloud and Automation Engineer. His experience includes a strong background in virtualisation, designing and managing highly available Cloud, Disaster Recovery and backup environments. He currently Supports a 1,500+ server Cloud environment with over 3.5Ptb of data.

    Matt is our Project Manager, Developer and lead Crypto advisor. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in networking and Datacentres delivering 100’s of enterprise grade networks globally.

    Clint is our Solutions Architect and social content, with an extensive background as a Systems Engineer, Security and End to End Solution Design. Clint has designed and built many Cloud, Network, Security and Disaster Recovery solutions.

    Our Proposal

    Our mission is to become the highest up-time delegate. Below is our profit sharing model.

    • Provide easy to follow content for new adopters

    • Weekly Payout (for smaller ARK holders we will hold your ARK until you reach 0.5 ARK before paying)

    • Design a Forging server environment to be both Secure and Highly Available

    • Payout of 96% of every Ark forged after transactions, lottery and 6 ARK per day operating costs.

    • 30 ARK bonus lottery (50 first month) draw paid at random to one person a month in our pool (must be in our pool for a minimum of 1 week before lottery) when we are in the top 51 delegates

    Our Network
    We host in a VPS environment and have standby Nodes prepared for fast failover and maintenance our MAINNET is further secured with an internet edge firewall and DDoS protection.

    Node Setup (MAINNET NODES)
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 x64
    CPU: 4 core
    RAM: 12GB
    Storage: 100 GB SSD
    Location: Europe and US
    Datacentre uptime SLA: 99.99%

    Node Setup (DEVNET)
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 x64
    CPU: 2 core
    RAM: 4096 MB
    Storage: 60 GB SSD
    Location: New Jersey
    Datacentre uptime SLA: 99.99%

    How to vote for us?
    Download the Ark client from Ark.io
    Go to the Votes Tab, select Add Delegate and type in ozpooldelegate
    Contact Info
    Delegate name: ozpooldelegate
    Email: support@ozpooldelegate.com
    Slack: Clint_OzPoolDelegate
    Slack: Support_OzPoolDelegate
    Ark.io: OzPoolDelegate

  • @ozpooldelegate We are Forging! We have been busy working over the past week, sending out our first payouts, building a website and creating new logo’s. Our website is live at http://www.ozpooldelegate.com/ we will be adding additional content including statistics and voting info as we go as well as other ARK related content.

  • As a Christmas thank you and for voting for us as a Delegate we have updated our proposal to provide more ARK back to our voters with 50 ARK first month and 30 ARK EVERY month lottery and a reduction of operating costs; previously this was 4% and 1 day a month ARK forged for operating costs and now is 4% and 6 ARK a day operating costs. Still with 96% payout.

    We will also be running our first 50 ARK lottery early in the new year as long as we are still forging through Christmas and New Year. To be eligible please vote for us before December 31st and we will put you into the draw; we will use a random number generator to select a winner to be announced here in early January. We will also refund anyone with under 1,000 ARK their vote, just drop us a quick message when you vote.

    Merry Christmas , OzPoolDelegate.

  • @ozpooldelegate thanks to our new sub 1000 ARK voters, we will be refunding your 1 ARK vote in our next payout. You are also now eligible and have been entered into our January lottery to win 50 ARK. This is open to all ARK voters that have maintained a vote with us for at least 1 week. For our smaller ARK hodlers this is a great way to bump you ARK numbers. We have a small voter base at the moment so a great opportunity to win too.

  • 2nd payout is completed and thank you to all the voters that have made this possible. We are continuing to improve our delegate and will be releasing new content including a voting guide and a calculator in January as well as more improvements to our nodes to ensure we push to become one of the top forging delegates.

  • Thanks again to our voters; we have refunded sub 1000 ARK voters their vote fee and will do this until the 8th of Jan at this stage. We have also completed our 3rd payout.


  • We just past 10,000 ARK FORGED!!!

    4th payout is also complete and we are now on twitter and medium as well as Reddit and the ARK slack channel.

    Check out our website below which is a portal to all the ways to stay connected. We have uploaded blogs a quick voting guide and added stats like up time, and forging blocks to our website.


  • @ozpooldelegate how do i join you guys? Thanks!

  • @ckxddd Hi, just follow our quick vote guide from our website.


    thanks for voting,

  • @ozpooldelegate

    We are FORGING!!!

    We have completed our 5th payout.

    Thanks to our new sub 1000 ARK voters, we have refunded your 1 ARK vote. You are also now eligible and have been entered into our January lottery to win 50 ARK. This is open to all ARK voters that have maintained a vote with us for at least 1 week.

    We will be running our first Lottery on January 26th to celebrate Australia Day. Stay tuned here for the winner to be announced. To be eligible for this months lottery you must vote for ozpooldelegate prior to the 18th of January. Good luck!!!

  • @ozpooldelegate Payout #6 now completed. Only 4 more days until 50 ARK lottery is drawn. Good luck to all voters.

  • @ozpooldelegate

    Congratulations to our January ARK lottery winner. We run a random number generator to select the winner and #12 was lucky today. Big thanks to all our voters and good luck in our February draw.

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  • @ozpooldelegate Payout #7 is now complete. Thank you to all of our voters.

  • @ozpooldelegate We passed 20,000 ARK forged this week which is a great milestone and completed our 8th payout. We love being part of such a great community and being a delegate, we are constantly looking to improve. Much respect to our fellow Delegates, the ARK community and as always a big thank you to all of our voters.

  • @ozpooldelegate

    We will be running out next Lottery on the 25th of February. Make sure you vote for us before the 20th of February to be eligible. All of our voters go into the monthly lottery to win 30 ARK. Get voting and good luck ;-)

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