Delegate Sputnik - 100% share - Easy payout thresholds choice

  • Hi everyone!


    My name is Lionel and I live in France. I was a Customer Relationship Management software developper and work as an independent contractor now.
    I discovered Ark few months ago and get interested in the forging concept.

    I was not fully satisfied with the choice of two important parameters:

    • The minimum arks amount that triggers the payout
    • The maximum time you want to wait if the previous threshold is not met.

    I also wanted to keep it simple with no account creation and secure with no one sending instructions on my behalf.

    My proposition:

    Delegate name: sputnik
    Pool reward sharing: 100% the first month, 95% after.
    Site :
    Pending payouts are computed every 15 minutes.
    Payouts interval is 12h.

    Send a small amount from your address to the delegate address (ATvuyR7rD95FjByNbV6rzSSSyQ8QP2nYzG) with instructions in the ‘Smartbridge’ field to change your parameters:


    • payoutMinArksAmount value (10 arks in this exemple) will change the minimum amount that triggers the payout (> 0.1 ark)
    • payoutMaxDaysDelay value (14 days in this exemple) will change the maximum delay to wait between payouts (first time vote day is used).

    Wait 15 minutes for update.

    The balance used to compute your share is the minimum amount you had on the last 15 minutes period (anti hopper system).
    No capped balance for the moment.
    Small and large accounts welcome.
    Everything is automated !

    Server Specifications:

    Ubuntu 16.04 x64
    4096 MB / 2 CPU @ 3.1 GHz
    50 GB SSD Disk
    SLA 99,99 %


    This forum.


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