Design a cool ARK sticker ,Win 150 ARK

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    If you didn’t know, now you know.

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    A fun one, could do a whole sticker collection :p

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  • I find it strange that all of a sudden everyone’s submissions seem to have negative points, but every single submission from iamnotrob’s has 2pts. It’s almost like someone has, dare I say, gamed the system?

  • @heyhaigh I noticed that, too, but @zebedee wrote that the winner will be picked by him, so I doubt that this rating system is going to have an influence on the competition

  • Some stickers, if they appear slightly blurry it is because I rendered these out at a lower quality to fit them all in one post.6_1513896172068_stick4.jpg 5_1513896172068_stick3v2.jpg 4_1513896172068_stick3.jpg 3_1513896172068_stick2v2.jpg 2_1513896172067_stick2.jpg 1_1513896172067_stick1v2.jpg 0_1513896172067_stick1.jpg

  • Stayed with a circle sticker as die-cut stickers are much more $$. Have at it.

    Direct Link:


  • @Overloadroad yeah dont worry about that , im gonna pick winners

  • @Overloadroad Sorry man not a rig of the system, just asked some friends for up votes. No mean for offense. :)

  • lol google “space helmet clipart” and you’ll find where a few of these designs came from

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Levitys this sticker gets my vote! really well done.

  • @zebedee So I don’t think the dimensions or the rules of design are quite right but I had an idea and thought I’d have a go - Made it on Sticker Comp.jpg

  • @zebedee so now I’m having a second bite of the cherry - a bit more stickerish0_1514034908968_Arkio sticker 2.jpg

  • Lots of great entries here but let me throw my hat in the ring with one of my own. Made a few variations on the theme.
    Hope you like it 😊

    The idea of it is something among the lines “more than meets the eye”.

  • Hi there,
    Please see link below to my entry. It can easily be redesigned and resized depending on the use!
    The rounded edges can be easily done through die cutting, or I can just tweak it slightly to be completely square.
    Note the typeface is as Montserrat Alternate, and can easily be changed to Montserrat if preferred to match other branding collateral.

    Best Wishes & Merry Christmas!

    Address: APGYQGefmTnZ1y1X3z9TQCm4haMT5jtcdB

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    alt text alt text

  • alt text

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    alt text

  • alt text Made some slight changes to my earlier entry because I thought that the logo and name needs to pop up a bit more and also because I lost half of my ark stack and I desperately need to get back into the game :trophy: Should have just bought that god damn ledger…

  • Thought that the whole “ecosystem” concept behind Ark allowed for some interesting ideas when it came to visual representation.
    Happy holidays to everyone.


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