ARK & Delegate Misadventures, Glitch?

  • Hi Everyone,

    This has been my early experience with ARK, and a possible bug or UI issue. Since I am new here, I should probably provide some background first. I first got into cryptocurrency in time for Mt. Gox to fail. So I gave it up for years until recently and started mining again with NiceHash. Earned my first payout…and they got hacked a few hours before it was supposed to be distributed. I decided not to lose out again because of a bad experience, and after a lot of research decided to get some ARK.

    Well I have no cash as a college student, so I decided to take out a 0% interest credit card and get a couple hundred dollars of ARK. I believe in it, and want to support it. Bitcoin is so slow and expensive to transfer. The wallet seems really awesome, and I was impressed by the speed and simple fees. It’s scalable, the market cap has room to grow, low electricity usage is great, and I like being able to participate by voting. You guys in the ARK community seems friendly to new people as well. I just wish it was possible to get ARK: Survival Evolved to change its name so I could Google search easier. :laughing:

    I finally got my hands on some ARK and immediately put it in my wallet to avoid repeat experiences. I researched which delegate would provide the best returns with so few ARK. Then I voted for YIN, only to realize that I also needed to register…but it isn’t open to new registrations.

    Worried that I had wasted my precious ARK by voting for someone that I couldn’t register for, I searched the forums and found YIN saying to message to get registered. So I did the chat feature, and sent a message off. I figured that I probably wouldn’t have enough ARK to get a delegate to reply or register me, and that the 1 ARK was gone.

    When I checked my balance an hour later, it had shot up to over 942 ARK! I looked at the chat I had sent off, and saw that YIN was active, so I thought he had approved me and bestowed me with some ARK! I double checked the address summary online and it showed the same balance. I woke up people and made phone calls saying how awesome this person was and how I was going to hold onto it and vote for YIN forever. I had bad parents, grew up in group homes, homelessness, health problems, and this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I finally saw a future for myself with ARK and wanted to get more involved and preach about it to the world. I stayed up all night excited about maybe being able to afford a house if I hold the ARK for years.

    After some of the shock wore off, I started realizing that something wasn’t right. Transactions kept coming in and out of my wallet. I couldn’t find anything online about if delegates had the ability to withdraw your ARK. I don’t think so? Plus, my account summary and wallet were full of YIN transactions, that went back before I got the wallet. I restarted the wallet, and it opened back up with my old balance. I checked the address summary online again, and realized that my wallet had been showing the incorrect address.

    I then realized that you can click on the delegates account, and see his transactions and balance in the wallet. So now I feel both stupid and a sense of loss over ARK that I never had lol. It might not be much to you ARK gods that got in earlier but it was a life changing amount for me.

    I would suggest in future updates for the UI to notify you if a delegate requires registration, and to do so before voting. Maybe even a warning to check if you need to register before voting. The guides that I read about voting didn’t mention registering. Also, to make it clearer when the wallet is displaying another account from your own. Both of our address IDs started with an “A”. Maybe even have a link that says “Return to My Account” or something next to the account address.

    It didn’t display YIN over the account address, as you can see in the pictures. It also was no longer displaying “My Accounts” on the left. I am not sure if that is a glitch and it normally should display a name and show your account on the left? Excuse my cracked laptop screen, either ARK blocks screenshots or my keyboard is having issues.

    Is there a way to tell if I am registered? I think that I have voted but it is not counting? If so, then I guess I guess I will need to find a new delegate. Feel free to message me, if you want to chat, share your wisdom, or experiences. I am studying CS in college, am interested in learning more and plan on sticking around and participating as much as I can with the limited amount of ARK that I have. Now I just need to get around to telling everyone that I am an idiot and don’t have like 950 ARK and woke them up for no reason. :blush:

    Note that “yin” is not displayed over address and that "My Accounts"isn’t displaying on the left in these pictures.

    Wallet Pic

    Wallet 2

  • I will try again to upload the image links.

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