Bit4g - Oneday You Will See Where They Stands!

  • Hey guys

    i known all knowns about bit4g and what is bit4g &how its work. ill not tell u about this . actually i just want to share that email i have received from bit4g …
    i just say dont miss this opportunity . oneday u will see where they stands ( u were only watching if u r wathcing right now ).


    Dear users,

    Your wait is finally over!

    The day you all had been waiting for is here. has been launched and we’ve got some tremendous response in the first few hours of opening.

    If you haven’t logged in yet, log in now and check out all new features including:

    • B4G lending and daily payouts
    • A full-fledged blockchain to run B4G
    • Live B4G wallets
    • Live blockchain transfers of tokens
    • Easy BTC deposits

    Successful ICO buyers would be able to complete their token purchase as per the ICO prices and applicable bonus.

    In the meanwhile, don’t forget to increase your team size sharing your referral link. If YOUR team is among the top 10 teams at the closing of December 31, 2017 (UTC), here’s your reward:

    First Spot: US$ 50,000
    Second Spot: US$ 35,000
    Third Spot: US$ 25,000
    Fourth Spot: US$ 15,000
    Fifth, Sixth and Seventh spot: US$ 10,000
    Eigth, Ninth and Tenth Spot: US$ 5,000

    To start building your team, share your referral link with your friend and network on your social media, Whatsapp and other channels. All users that join using your referral link and all of their further referrals become a part of your team. It’s that easy!
    WINNERS take action. It’s YOUR turn.

    Have a great time at Bit4G.com

    Team, Bit4G
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