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    First of all: I apologize for the problems. I’ll try to become a delegate again. Hopefully the community support my work and still trust me.

    Many guys contacted me and said that they’re really sorry for me. They would vote again for me and some guys offered me their help. Mistakes happen and I’m responsible for this one. I’ve thought about running a delegate again for many hours. My decision is that I want to try it again and get the trust back from the community and my loyal voters. I want to contribute to the ARK Ecosystem and help as best as I can.

    For the guys that doesn’t know what happened I’ll explain it:

    I did a big mistake and stored at the beginning of my delegate career a file on my private cloud with the keys of the delegate. After one night I noticed that this wasn’t the best idea and I removed the file. The problem was: The cloud didn’t deleted the file completely and moved it into the trash folder. To completely delete the file you’d need to delete it again from the trash folder. Unfortunately someone got access on my private cloud and had access to my keys. He payed out some of the ARKs on the wallet to his new generated wallet and created the second signature. That was my second mistake that wasn’t really heavy because he already had access to my wallet. With the second signature created earlier I’d have access to the ARK in the wallet but he could make the delegate double forge and that would force me also to turn down the servers. After I recognized that my wallet is under control of someone else I decided to turn off my servers to not give him more ARKs. I tried to inform everyone through slack and reddit. My covered coins were safe because they’re all stored on a ledger nano s.

    To clarify: My servers were completely safe and the attacker never had any access to them.

    What I’ve learned:

    Never save any important infos on any cloud or even local. If you have to save them there be sure to encrypt them. I’ll write down the wallet passphrase on multiple papers at home and will store them safely in a safe.


    I’m using the recent events to do a rebrand of the name reconnico.

    Arkworld will include many projects that will run under the name.

    • ARK calculator ( will get a brand relaunch and will be imported to arkworld when it’s finished)
      – Will get features like: account system, improved delegate detail pages, filter calculations and many more
    • Pool site ( will get a brand relaunch and will be imported to arkworld when it’s finished)
      – Will get features like: account system, custom payout schedule, improved statistics and payment informations and many more
    • Blog (will include weekly blog reviews about the ARK Ecosystem)
    • Snapshots (will provide up to date snapshots for delegates for mainnet and devnet)
    • Explorer
    • Public API (will provide an api for the calculator and delegate informations)
    • more ideas to come!


    I forged over 43k ARK with my delegate. I know how it works and working continuously on improvements. My cluster setup was developed by myself and is described here:

    Beside our cluster setup we’re running a forging devnet node that forged over 47K ARK already (missed blocks caused due to testing). You can find informations about the delegate here:


    • Payout interval: Every week on Sunday at 5:00 PM CET
    • no minimum payout and covering transaction fee
    • Guaranteed Payout! Proceed over 3000 payout transactions with the old delegate.

    100% (~422/Day) generated ARK per day

    90% (~380/Day) Profit share
    8% (~33,5/Day) Arkworld Development, Development for ARK Ecosystem Github, Time effort (Community, ACF, …)
    2% (~8,5/Day) Cost coverage and transaction fee coverage


    We’ve stored exactly 153 voters in our database that were voting for reconnico since the beginning. We will cover the voting fees for everyone that didn’t get excluded from our payouts due to pool hopping.

    You receive automatically 4 ARK when you’re an old voter from the delegate “reconnico” and start voting for us when you switched your votes.
    You didn’t switched your vote and generated a new address instead? We’ll also recover your fees. Just get in contact with us and send us your wallet/transaction history.


    We will cover your voting fee. Please get in contact with us via reddit or slack. Contact informations are at the end of the proposal.

    TL DR

    • ACF board member
    • 90% profit share
    • cluster setup with 3 relays, master and devnet node
    • no minimum payout and covering transaction fee
    • Guaranteed automated payout every sunday at 5:00 PM CET
    • building up (ARK calculator) will get a brand relaunch and will be imported to arkworld when it’s finished (old pool website) will get a brand relaunch and will be imported to arkworld when it’s finished
      – automated snapshots for delegates, blog, public API for calculator and delegate informations


    Vote for Delegate “arkworld”

    How To Vote:


    Slack: reconnico @ ArkEcosystem

  • Glad to see you back @reConNico!

  • Do you have block-level payouts or some way to prevent pool hoppers from jumping in every Sunday at 4:55 PM and grabbing a bunch of rewards?

  • @arkmoon had running my own block weight payout system for a long time and will use it for arkworld too. Runs on two different ark relays to prevent problems if one relay falls out.

  • @reConNico Awesome!

    We’re in the top51 and started forging. Thanks for the trust and the loyality!

    Every old voter of reconnico will receive his 4 ARK when he start voting for arkworld. We’re paying out the fee coverage from our own pocket. We’re checking every voter by ourself. It could take 1-2 days until your reach your coverage.

    You’re not an old voter of reconnico? We are covering your voting fee too. Please get in contact with us via forum, slack or reddit.

  • Christmas Bonus Payout (13.19 ARK bonus for every voter)
    For our first payout we’re giving out a small gift to all of our voters. We splitted our coverage between all our voters. Merry Christmas!

    More informations in our weekly blog post:

  • @reConNico - I appreciate your story and thank you for sharing what must have been an awful, gut-wrenching experience. I applaud your conviction. I have voted for you - Good Luck!

  • @reConNico said in Arkworld // old reconnico // 90% share // ACF board member // Developer:

    Christmas Bonus Payout

    Thanks for Christmas bonus payout reConNico

  • Dropped out of the top51 for now and just need a bunch of ARK to get back to forging. Some projects in pipeline that will be published soon.

    EDIT: Back in forging position. Big thanks to all loyal voters!

  • There is a real delegate war going on right now and we sadly dropped out of the top51 with just 800 ARK needed to get back to forging. Don’t forget that we effectively share more than 90% with our voters because we also include the forging fee rewards.

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