Passphrase Troubleshoot

  • Hello,

    I have recently started staking my coins about two weeks ago, however, I am trying to withdraw my funds.

    When I tried to withdraw into my exchange wallet, the passphrase wouldnt ‘correspond’ to my Ark Wallet. I left about 10ARK in my wallet to stake to keep with the minimum needed to stake.

    Thus, I assumed it must have been due to my stake so I tried to remove my vote - however, the passphrase still wouldn’t work.

    This passphrase had worked earlier when voting for a delegate. Any ideas?

  • OMG! I apologize this was caused my own mistake.

    Apparently, I was entering my old passphrase (i checked by importing the passphrase’s account) for my old account.

    I looked through my other notebooks and it was right there…

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