Withdrawal (Bittrex) to Ark Client

  • Hi guys,

    Recently (17 Dec) I withdrew Ark coins from Bittrex to Ark Client (iOS), my first Ark transaction to wallet (1.4.3). A transactionID (= 7e3ce7b3105cc0874964f8e9704fe6ac1a8d5de33907bf7191de4a32ff704a65) has been made and stated ‘Completed’ @Bittrex.

    However, until now, I haven’t received the Ark’s in my wallet. Addresses are identical. I submitted a ticket @Bittrex and @Arksupport (no reactions yet).

    Did I something wrong? What can I do (now)? Please help me out.


  • Hey,

    bittrex have some issues the last days. They know the problem and try to fix it.

    ARK twitter post: https://twitter.com/ArkEcosystem/status/943625853296103424

  • @reConNico

    Thanks for your reply. Bittrex has fixed my ticket yesterday. Worth waiting :)

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