Dutch Translation Service

  • Hi there,

    I would like to apply to do the Dutch Translation.
    Please let me know how we can start.

  • Hello @FlexFlox !
    I am sorry, we are not offering any bounty for Dutch translation atm.
    But there are several ways you can earn free ark’s! Here’s our blog post about all bounties we offer:

    We will take your offer in consideration for sure, and we will let you know if needed !
    Thank you very much for your interest !

  • Hi,

    Now Bancor is up and running I’m looking for new translation tasks. Would Ark perhaps be interested in my services? I notice the Bitcointalk thread does not have a Dutch translation as of yet.

    About me, I studied anthropology - then worked in Austria and Israel for a few years - and currently study medicine. Though I am ‘free’ until september which is when my internship will start.
    I’m a big fan of cryptocurrency, also from an anthropological perspective, so I keep informed. Furthermore I mine Ether on three rigs. The workings and terminology of cryptocurrency are therefore not lost on me.
    Lastly I’m an amateur screenwriter affiliated with an LA based screenwriters group. One of the skills I’ve further developed by screenwriting is writing for an audience. Of course I understand a translation would have to be as literal as possible without losing readability.

    Hope you wish to welcome me on board for some translations tasks here and there.



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