Buying More ARK

  • I bought ARK a few month back from the cryptomate website but anytime I try purchase more it cant find a vendor who will sell me the coins. I dont have any bitcoin etc to use to trade for ark on websites like binance. Does anyone know any other ways of me buying more coins?

  • I’m interested too of knowing if there’s other ways of buying ARK. It’s seems to be a really complicated process to invest in cryptocurrencies as I have to buy bitcoin first, possibly transfer it to other site and then buy ARK and between all of these transfer I might lose almost 15% of money to fees. Tether is USD based but their registration is still locked due to the “Hack” on their users.

    Another thing is that I don’t want to give my ID to these sites because almost all of these sites get hacked and giving social security number etc to them is way too much. :angry:

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