ArkMoon Coin Announcement

  • I am pleased to announce the upcoming sale of 125 commemorative brass Ark coins.

    arkmoon commemorative coin image

    The website is still in production, but I am hoping to have it up before the end of the year.
    You will be able to purchase coins using Ark once the site is up.

    If there is enough demand, I will order more coins in early 2018.

    My ultimate goal is to make a yearly themed collectible coin.

    In the future, I would like to create a yearly themed Limited Edition set of 51 .9999 Fine Gold coins, and 5000 Limited Edition .999 Fine Silver coins that will be used to get people outside of the crypto world to hear about Ark, e.g. gold and silver bugs.

    Brass Coin Features:

    • 1.5" diameter

    • Comes with a custom 4" x 6" cardboard package that displays the coin in a clear, plastic “window” with the coin’s public address on the front, and “how to use it” instructions on the back. More images will be uploaded when the website is launched.

    • A secret passphrase and address will be generated for each coin (offline) and attached to each coin. The passphrase will be converted to a QR code and stuck to the back of the coin and covered with a holographic sticker you scratch off to reveal, like a lottery ticket.

    • THESE COINS WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY ARK, AS TO PREVENT BEING CALLED OUT FOR “MONEY TRANSMITTING.” It will be up to you if you want to use the public address and private passphrases included if you are willing to trust me that I have not save or use the generated passphrases.

    • I have done my best to generate these passphrases in a secure environment. I will not save or store them.


    It would be best to make sure you check the passphrase before putting funds onto the wallet!

    The QR code is 0.43 inches wide, which is super tiny, but my iPhone was able to scan it. Just be very careful with it when scratching off the holographic sticker. I’ll post a YouTube video with instructions at a later date when the site launches.

    The coins will cost $19.96 USD plus shipping, plus sales tax if you are located in the state of Virginia, all calculated in Ark at the time of purchase.

    The website will automatically calculate how much Ark you owe, and will tell you where to send payment with a unique UUID to put in the smart bridge field. You will have no more than 10 minutes to send payment, or the request will expire, and it will have to re-calculate again how much you owe since crypto prices are so volatile.

    I look forward to hearing your feedback on this. I’ve spent the past 3 months getting this ready, and I hope it is well received. Thank you!

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