Delegate majoris - 95% sharing - fees covered - payment every week

  • Introduction

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Majoris, I am an IT security expert and developer working in an IoT security based company, willing to join the wonderful world of crypto currencies and actively participate in Ark project. I was interested in Computer Science for a long time, actually since my childhood, so I basically began like almost everyone, learning programming languages. Although the real security concept came a bit later, I was already interested in how programs, services or any entity on the internet or hardware was secured, and why it was secured.

    I learnt a lot of programming languages, I mastered in C, Assembly, Python etc. and all web languages. I like IT security, blockchains, IoT, low level programming and I usually spend my days pentesting, developing both high level and low level softwares, reverse engineering, finding vulnerabilities, looking for 0-days (new security vulnerabilities) etc.
    I’m living in France, born in Russia, and planning to orientate my career in research and development in IT security domain.

    A friend of mine told me about Ark, as an interesting currency, so with my curious nature I went and checked the concept and absolutely loved it. I truly believe in the fact that Ark can go very far. It’s not just a coin, but a whole community and ecosystem working together to build and improve the blockchain concept. Ark is secure, privacy respecting, easy to understand with a lot of improvement ideas for the future.

    My main skills

    • I am very motivated and involved in what I do (and that’s very important)
    • I’m up to date with IT security news
    • I have a very large knowledge in Linux systems since I work with it from the beginning of my career
    • Programming skills : I’m a very good C and Python developer and I can basically code in any language
    • I developed a lot of programs in different domains, like packers, shells, operating systems…
    • I speak English, French, Russian and I’m always available on a lot of services (slack, mail, phone, twitter …)

    My Proposal

    • 95% sharing with all transaction fees covered
    • Payment every week (with an automated script based on Ark API)
    • No limit for wallet size
    • Future improvements (votes refund, payment every day, adding more nodes, higher sharing percentage…)
    • Open to new suggestions
    • Old votes refund (once I start forging)

    Node setup

    Main node

    • CPUs: 2
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Bandwidth transfer: 3 TB
    • SSD Disk: 40 GB
    • Internet speed
      Download: 802.63 Mbit/s
      Upload: 631.09 Mbit/s
    • The node is always up (except for rare crashes and system updates)

    Backup node

    • CPUs: 1
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Bandwidth transfer: 2 TB
    • SSD Disk: 30 GB
    • Internet speed: approximatively same as main node
    • The node is always up (except for rare crashes and system updates)

    The node configuration will be upgraded in the future


    I’d love to help the Ark community with the whole project, I’m even planning on joining the development team and work on bug bounties to improve the stability and security of ArkEcosystem. I see a huge potential in this project and I’m ready to help anytime, with my coding skills, IT security experience or simply sharing and talking about Ark.

    I’ll do my best to help the ArkEcosystem community and I’m considering this task very seriously

    Delegate name: majoris
    Delegate Ark address: APi28EMFUBEfgVwXr6rWLNqY2ra2R7eJSa
    Name on majoris
    ask me everything

    With sincere thanks,

  • Update: all people that voted while I’m still not forging will get refunded once I start forging.

  • Update:
    Once I start forging (top 51), the following upgrades will be set up:

    • More percentage sharing (between 96% and 99%)
    • Ability to choose daily or weekly payment
    • All votes refund (old or new)
    • Extra occasional bonus payments (bounties, lottery, )
    • Node machine upgrade
    • Still always available to reply to all your questions :)
    • And more …

  • Update:
    A backup node has been added ! :)
    It isn’t running yet, but it will be as soon as I start forging.

  • @majoris nice proposal.

    Welcome to ARK. Wish you a lot of success.

  • @chris thank you ! :)
    You too

  • Info

    It would be interesting for big investors to vote now, and let me start forging, so they could earn a higher percentage at the beginning since they would be the only voters. ;)
    Then, after the top 51, all other investors would be able to join the pool and start earning a percentage too.
    If you have a suggestion to make, something you don’t like or something you want to improve in my proposal, just be free to ask, I’m totally open. :)
    I’m motivated to be an awesome and reliable delegate for Ark community.
    If my proposal interests you and if you want me to start forging, please share it with other investors, friends, contacts etc.

    Thank you for reading :)

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