How do I get payout from a delegate?

  • Hi,

    I transferred my ark coins to the ledger nano s couple of days ago and am accessing it with Ark Client.
    I cast a vote for arkpool delegate.
    My ark amount remained the same ever since coins arrived, although I assumed I’d get a profit share from the delegate I voted for.

    So my question is basically the title: How do I get payout from a delegate?


  • Hello,

    Basically, the delegate you voted for has to make the payments for the voters, manually or with a script, but he has to do it himself (or herself).
    So depends, does the delegate pay the voters every day? every week? month? Do you have more than 0.1 Ark in your wallet, which is the transfer fee? Does the delegate accept any wallet size?

    If you voted for a sharing delegate, you’ll get paid, but depending on your wallet size and the payment interval, you have to wait more or less.

    Did I answer your question ?


  • @majoris thanks a lot Majoris. I tried checking how does arkpool operate but couldn’t find much. I just found some general info which didn’t mention how much will be paid and when. I got 284 ark in my wallet.

  • What I read from his proposal here, is :

    90% (~380/Day) Profit share
    Guaranteed automated payout every sunday at 5:00 PM CET

    (if you’re talking about arkworld)

    Pool reward sharing - 90%
    Approximate payout, every 12 hours: 2.7 ARK / 10K VOTE. 13.5 ARK / 50K VOTE. 27 ARK / 100K VOTE.

    (if you’re talking about sharkpool)

    Pool reward sharing - 90%
    Payments interval is 12h if earned more than 4 ARK

    (if you’re talking about ARKpool here)


  • @majoris I’m talking about “arkpool”. That’s how it’s shown in the delegate dropdown. The one with this address " ARAq9nhjCxwpWnGKDgxveAJSijNG8Y6dFQ". I just checked my ark and it’s still the same amount.
    I don’t quite understand the term “if earned more than 4 ark”. Does this mean if he manages to earn 4 ark in 12 hours he’ll pay the dividend to everyone and if not no?
    From what you copied, arkworld sounds like the best deal. I’d like to vote for the delegate that has a stable payout even if you have only few ark coins. Any suggestions?

    Thanks you btw, I appreciate the help

  • Well, I don’t really know, all delegates seems to have stable payouts, I didn’t read all proposals though.
    Well I’m a new one but if you’re interested I also have a delegate post here (I’m not forging yet because I’m still not in top 51, so I’m still not earning anything) :)
    But you can basically vote for anyone that offers more than 90%, some of them also refund the vote fee.

    Good luck man !


  • @majoris thanks man! I don’t seem to be getting paid by this delegate so I’ll probably switch. Cheers!

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